LF Adult / Social Guild. Lets kill things together.

    • Hey, welcome to Albion Online! Hope you will enjoy the game as we all are, because it is an awesome game. :thumbup:

      If you're looking for a guild, I would gladly send you a friendly invitation to apply for Sylvans. We are recruiting now! Our roster consists of around 30-40 people with Legendary Founder's packs who will start on launch right away. We are friendly to newbies aswell. Our core players are based in EU region, although we have strong allies in US region too. The average age of our members is 25 years. We would be honored if you could join us! :saint:

      We do all sort of activity, the only thing we require of you as a member is:
      • common sense,
      • common courtesy,
      • knowledge of terms like "wife aggro",
      • mature approach to problems and other members.
      Come join our discord to apply discord.gg/KbwwruE / sylvans.cc
      Recruiting now!
      Infinite Guild
    • Whattup. Check out my guild - The Imperial Guard

      No app required, just state your intent to join.

      I run a PvP focused guild, and am serious about taking territory and making a name for my guardsmen. I've set the guild up with a structure that puts PvPr's in leader roles.

      I welcome more casual players, as I am a friendly person and want everyone to have a place to call home. That being said, I personal am focusing on bringing my guild to top pvping status.

      If you're interested, send me a message, or hop in my discord (provided on the guild page)

      (Ps - If i'm at work when you hop in, check out the About Us tab for more information )
      Leader of The Imperial Guards
      [ Pm To Join Discord If Interested ]
    • Greetings Mordekaiser

      The Lewd Village is a pvp guild with a spice of everything else but what unites us is pvp (but all playstyles are
      We are Based in caerleon, We have a tight group of 35ish players from all regions.

      Our main Comms are Discord for now
      Officer slot are open

      We also have a lvl5 Island going on

      We have been dreaming for a BZ territory and
      We currently train on yellow and red territories and are slowly preparing for BZ.
      Hop on our discord!

    • Here's our ranking structure for Raven

      We like structure, fairness and proper organization. This is shown in our rank structure as well as the systems we use in managing our guild.
      For example the DKP system we use, giving every participant to a guild event this currency which may be saved up to spend on items that are looted during these guild events. For example, we may get a Swiftclaw cub from a boss run. This item is not randomly given to one of our members, instead it is stored in a chest and our Treasurer puts a pricetag on it. Lets say the price on it is 5 DKP. Then every member that's attended at least 5 guild events without spending his DKP otherwise should be able to buy that item from the guild.

      If this is what you're looking for, mention me in our recruitment discord and I'll get you an interview.
    • little about us.....
      We have a mix of T4-T5 players
      102+ players and growing
      63 attended the guild meeting a couple of nights ago......on a weeknight!
      so activity is not an issue
      We need like minded people
      nice friendly and willing to back up his brothers and sisters
      Real Life comes first... we do not mandate hours logged... you play when you can play and leave when needed
      Most of us are new to Albion including myself
      We are located in Martlock / Caerleon
      T5 Guild Island zero fee's

      Hit me up on discord Bronx#9165
    • Well I would make you apply and here's why... any guild that doesn't is really just openly inviting whoever and not interested in learning about the player. I make folks apply and often also have a chat with them first before inviting. When you apply, that application goes to ALL our officers, senior officers, co-GMs, and me --- even to some recruitment apprentices. We all review it, look at it and make decisions on it. It's how good guilds that focus on QUALITY vs quantity get it done. If folks cannot be bothered to that, then you'll end up in guilds that aren't able to really progress in this game.

      I'll leave my recruitment poster here and maybe you'll see why you might want to change your mind about that.

    • Hi Mordekaiser,

      Our mission is to find other like-minded mature adults that want to learn, and have fun playing Albion together. We seek friendships that we can maintain for future games to come.

      Currently in Albion, we have a guild island based out of Lymhurst and our buildings are upgraded to T5. Most all our members are T6, and we seek to own BZ territory. We have organized guild Fame runs nightly.

      We are in an alliance with [TLP]<The Last Prophecy>. This alliance now gives us access to guild islands in every major city. No guild tax on guild vendors. We own public city vendors for free to use 15% rr. TLP gives us the ability to connect with over 800 competent helpful members/veterans.

      We are massively recruiting for more players of all roles. Our HG teams are forming now, and we need more gatherers to supply our crafters and teams. Please check out our recruitment page here!

      Join our discord here!

      Look forward to meeting you!

      Eclipse Clan

      Where gaming meets community