Building Upgrade UI Needs Upgrade

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  • Building Upgrade UI Needs Upgrade

    Can we please have ONE CLICK to install each material for a building upgrade, Please remove the 30 item limit and when I click the + symbol it takes all that material in my inventory up to what is need and does the upload/install of that material in one action. I am NOT asking that the time be reduced (even though installing 180 stone bricks takes FOREVER) I'm just asking that I don't have to click the flippen + symbol 6 time to install the 150/180 blocks.
  • We have been asking for this feature for 3 years. You are lucky, it use to be 5 resources at a time. Imagine putting 5000 T1 stone and wood into a building 5 at a time. :) About 6 months to a year ago, the DEVs changed it to 30 at a time and reduced the amount of resources buildings required. This helped abit. They envisioned this to be a group task, constructing buildings. So it would not take too long as a group doing it. But most of the time it is usually one player building alone. Hopefully one day in the future it will change as you say, one click, use all of current resources in inventory. Just wait the time ( 5 minutes or however long ), then it's complete.
  • Many things have changed for the better. Now we can demolish our own buildings with one click. 60 seconds later we have a crate in place of the building with 90% of the resources back. I remember one Alpha test long ago, Wirindi and I decided to destroy a T7 Lumbermill in our base. With both of us beating on the building with demolition hammers, it took 45 minutes to destroy. :) Plus we did not get any of the resources back.
  • yes I realize this game has come a long way, but that doesn't mean we (players, devs, everyone involved) should rest on their laurels.,

    I'm not sure why the devs did the building upgrades like this, it really makes no sense unless you were trying to prevent botting, BUT why on earth would you try and prevent botting on building UPGRADES (not plot buying, not building placement,) It seems like it would put more load and requirements on the game servers rather than less the way they've done it.

    I mean come on, why can't i use a building upgrade time to go take a bathroom break and grab something to drink from the kitchen? BUT NOOOOOOoooo I have to sit here and watch a little green bar fill up and click a plus symbol in a minute or minute and a half intervals to watch a green bar AGAIN..... THAT IS NOT CALLED PLAYING A VIDEO GAME! but I digress into a rant. 8| :D
  • Hey @Listatta!

    As I stated in some other threads, we will make some adjustments (probably launching with first content update) so that you only have to click once to upgrade the building. You'll keep the little "steps" of 30 units so people can still upgrade a building together but you'll not have to click every minute or so.

    - Lino
  • I'm betting the real reason for having to babysit the house is player management. When I want to poop, I have to find a ball or something for my cat to play with or he will follow me into the bathroom and stare at me menacingly while I'm trying to squeeze one out. It's the same with Albion. There's only so many mobs, resource nodes, etc in the game that not everyone can be out gathering or killing so they have to do something to occupy a portion of the players. So, if they can occupy 15 minutes of your life to click +s, that's 15 minutes someone else can have doing whatever they want to do until it is their turn to click +s for 15 minutes.

    Just my opinion, I'm probably wrong.
  • @ JohnnyFeyev

    so if you noticed i said "I am NOT asking that the time be reduced". I'm only asking that the add button uses ALL the resources in my inventory to complete the upgrade in one click AND the time that is would normally take with multiple clicks remain the same with only one click.

    While you're generally correct, it's a time sink created in the game; I'm NOT complaining about this time sink.

    I'm just asking that it be one click so that I ... lets use your example... can go poop in real life, while other players have at whatever they are doing.