Combat balance questions for pvp and pve

  • First off, there is no right answer to your questions because you are not asking the right question.

    Second, there are so many item(ability) combinations that the servers will likely be taken down before you seriously put test time in trying them all.

    Third, there are even more team compositions involving said item combinations.

    Fourth, at minimal, people usually have at least 1 solo build and 1 group build.

    On the solo level, yes, you see certain weapons do better than others.
    But, realize that if your build revolves around stuns, for instance, I can simply change one ability in my combination to cleanse.
    Cleanse removes cc affects.
    Cleanse could allow me to completely counter your build depending on how I play and what weapon I use.

    That is what this game defines as balance.

    Everyone has the ability to switch up their build and your build may work well against another, but someone else's build might completely counter yours.

    As for team fights... team fights are a bit more tricky and while some weapons at better at certain roles than others, generally speaking, the more variety, the more counters you have to other teams.
    Team fights are highly strategic and while your team may have a "superior build" ie, superior abilities to do something like heal, for instance, it is highly unlikely that your team will beat mine as long as we use correct strategy.
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    We focus on PvP and high level content.
  • Tanks and healers are usually required for the most difficult dungeons.
    However, mass DPS and a healer could work in most other situations.
    Yes, it is usually safest to have at least a tank and a healer.
    No, it is not a required strategy for mid and low tier dungeons.
    Hostiles is recruiting new and returning players.

    We focus on PvP and high level content.