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    My name is Neuro, I am currently a leader/Officer/Community Leader in an online gaming community that supports numerous games across numerous platforms, but which will not be branching into AO due to general interest. That said, several of my fellow community members and I will be playing AO at release and for quite a while and are looking for a guild / community who will be able to provide us with the following:

    NA and International support. (We are primarily NA West coast players, but have been known to play very late into the night with AUS and EU players)

    We participate in both PVE and PVP content. (All of the members are looking to participate in PVE content including dungeons etc.. while 2-3 of the members are interested in the ability to play hardcore PVP when the option arises.)

    Guild / Community structure with 100+ Active players.... (As stated earlier, many of us have or are already game / officer leaders in other games... We will happily support the guild we join in any adventure it chooses... but are not looking to help build a new one from scratch )

    Voice communication .... (We are up for any voice comm, as long as it exists. We have gotten used to our 500+ person TS sever and find that voice communication is a must in any community. )

    We would prefer a guild that supports both Blackzone and Regency zone based play so that players have their choice.

    Simple and to the point! What we bring? Support, Participation, Active Mature Adult players, experience in leading communities in many games (GW2, SWTOR, WOW, BDO, LOL, etc... the list goes on and on... ) ALL of us have actively participated in PVP in all of the games listed, with myself being a battle commander in GW2 (Blackgate) and BDO. We also participated and led in dungeons and raids in all games listed that support said features.

    Note: we played in the last AO beta up to T5 to get a feel for many of the different weapon and gear combinations to get a feel for what we all wanted to play at release. We will be bringing a healer or two, a tank, and some DPS.

    Thanks - Neuro
  • Hey Neuro :)

    I think you guys would be a good fit in Tears of Morgana and I'd be keen to see if you guys feel our guild would suit you, too! We're relatively new but we're making quite the impact for only being around for a few days so far. We have a great mixture of hardcore and casual players who are out there to enjoy the game for what it is, but we all share the common view that we're serious about our guild.

    If you'd like to look for more information check out our website or join us on discord for an initial meet, greet and chat.
    Looking for Serious/Hardcore gamers to form a Guild/Alliance with on launch (17th). Read for more info. (social/casual players also welcome)

    If you've got any questions feel free to throw them at me! I wish you all the best in your guild hunt, I'll pop by to see if there's anything more I can do! :)
  • Hey Neuro, what you're looking for we supply, NA and International support, as well as Black zone and Regency zone support, we do have groups for both PVE and PVP outings and such we have several hundred members across different games 100+ just for Albion. So if we peek your intrest feel free to check The Last Prophecy Recruitment Post, as well as our website Feel free to PM me with any questions I'd be happy to help!
  • Neuroticgrim wrote:

    We are primarily NA West coast players, but have been known to play very late into the night with AUS and EU players)
    Having read your post, this stood out the most to me.

    Have a look at RUIN. We can cover everything you discussed in your post, except the 100 player zerg you suggested. We are smaller [half the size], yet entirely setup and ready to go with a full plan and active, dedicated members. Currently boasting several GvG teams for your PvP friends and there'll of course be a lot of PvE fame farming between [with pvp at the same time... this is the black zone after all :P ]. Easy access back to Caerleon and the royal lands at any time too.

    Come and talk it over and see which guild is the right fit for you.

    Add me on Discord:

    Black Zone, Territories, PvP / GvG
  • @Neuroticgrim

    I believe the Rangers of Celidon will be a good fit for you and your friends. We are likewise an International guild, with many members one the West Coast and in Thailand, Philippines, and other Oceanic time zonee, as well as many other NA and EU players that can be found at all hors of the day and night.

    Our guild is new and casual player friendly and we are open to all styles of play. Although we are primarily an RP-PVE guild, we have a number of players who are also interested in PVP (Zone based, Yellow - Red - Black and HGs and Chests).

    We run a number of guild events, nearly every day there is something going on, and we have managed to be very organized and yet causal.

    As an RP guild, we intend to create stories around our guild and its activities. This is something that might be beneficial for you and your group to bring back to your gaming community. When they see how much fun we are having, or read stories that we all helped create, it will not only support AO but also your game community as well.

    If you don't mind, PM me your website, I'd like to take a look and we could potentially cross populate (we currently have 120 members in our guild).

    Rangers of Celidon


    Blodvaerd, Lord Commander
    Rangers of Celidon
    An RP - PVE / PVP, International Guild