Regarding Upgrading to Legendary or Epic pack (NOT LEGENDARY FOUNDER OR EPIC FOUNDER)

  • Regarding Upgrading to Legendary or Epic pack (NOT LEGENDARY FOUNDER OR EPIC FOUNDER)

    Hello Sandbox interactive community managers and fellow Albion Online players,

    (a little background you don't need to read this) I purchased the veteran founder's pack around August 9th 2016 and had been following the game for around a year before. I was excited to play the game before what I thought was going to be the official release. I played for a few months and managed to get T7 gear in a guild called Echoes of Silence until I quit because the next beta was coming shortly, and would wipe all my progress. I followed every update without playing the game, patiently waiting for the games official release. Unfortunately the game would remain in Beta for over a year after my purchase and I slowly lost interest in each subsequent updates.

    I wish to spend 60$ upgrading from veteran founder to legendary pack, as it stands this is impossible to do, I have seen a few other threads about this topic with the main response being "we gave you a warning about this" unfortunately I was not aware of this pesky detail until today. As I understand it many of us who did not upgrade in time wish to upgrade to legendary pack, we are not asking for the founders perks, we only ask that we veteran and epic founders don't have to waste our money to Re-purchase the game especially because we invested in the development of a yet to be finished game! I don't really think this needs to be said but obviously Sandbox interactive stands to gain 60 to 30$ per person who upgrades as well as the respect from all of us who were not aware of this deadline.

    If you're going to call me a troll or a dumb-ass because I didn't follow the forums or read the emails of a game I didn't play then ask yourself this: "why would I not want people to upgrade their founder packs to normal packs?"

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day :thumbsup:

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