Could not Verify update site

  • Could not Verify update site

    Hello everyone. So I have had the error for quite some time it states that it can't verify the identity of the update side and that I need to download a fresh installer which I have done oh so many times. I am in the process of talking to the QA team but so far no luck in finding a solution. I am waiting on another response back now. Hopefully this will be the response I have been looking for. I will post a screenshot of the error I am getting. I have only found one workaround. Having someone send you their folders from the game directory is the only way I have been able to access the game. The only issue is that after every update you have to have someone resend you all of the folders again in order to access the server. In order to access the test server they have to send you their updated "staging" folder. In order to access the live folder, In this case, after launch, have them send you their "game" folder. I will keep you guys posted if I find a solution.
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