Sign up bonus.

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    • Sign up bonus.

      Sign-Up Bonus

      Once you have purchased your first 30 days of premium, you will receive:
      • the option to buy and upgrade your very own player island
      • a one-time Learning Point bonus for a progression boost on your Destiny Board
      • a one-time crafting focus bonus for some heavy crafting sessions
      SPECIAL NOTE FOR FOUNDERS: If you have bought a Legendary, Epic or Veteran Founder's Pack, you automatically qualify for the Sign-Up Bonus and receive its cool rewards.

      Does this mean that founders can create alts who can buy a player island without buying 30 days premium?
    • I don't believe that's what it means as it's a remnant of before the founder pack to starter pack change, so it feels like it's a warning indicating that if you've bought a pack you don't have to buy a Premium package as it's included in the account ( As you can see Here which is a snapshot of July 7th). But I'd like a response from someone who would know this for certain as well.

      I wouldn't bet on it though..
      I have no idea what I'm doing.