Blast204 Mount Investments

  • Blast204 Mount Investments


    I will be crafting like always when the release happens, and will be one of the top mount salesman/crafters again . However this time around it will be a lot harder mainly on start up costs. I know everyone has their hands full on helping your guild progress and the same applies to me, however I am looking for investors to help get my business underway.

    The gold/silver invested will be used towards funding my personal islands/upgrading early on in the game so I can get a head start with creating the mounts.

    • Any gold invested will be returned in full within 6 months
    • You will get a free mount every Tier I progress (So you get 5 mounts free t3-t8, does not include dire mounts)
    • Priority on reserving dire mounts at crafting cost / you can also use my kennel for free when there is space
    • Life time customer discount and a invitation to my own personal guild island which will sell mounts at a discounted price to all the investors added (obviously people who would abuse and buy all the discounted mounts in bulk would be removed from the island)

    So rather than holding on to your gold to sell a few months into the game why not consider investing in me, I have proven myself being server first crafting T8 mounts in beta 1, was top of crafting charts in beta 2 for the few months I was active. There comes risk with business, but I won't be putting all my eggs into one basket. I will also be trading multiple resources to reduce trading risks. Your names will be written down on a word doc and a trusty notepad so I can inform you when I have reached the next tier, and to contact you when your silver/gold is to be returned.

    Investment Packages are as follows

    Veteran Founder's Investment 2000 Gold

    All the perks mentioned

    Epic Founder's Investment 4000 Gold

    All the perks mentioned and a free Dire Wolf once resources show up on markets (should be within 6 months easily)

    Legendary Founder's Investment 10000 Gold

    All the perks mentioned in first post and a free Dire Wolf and a Dire Boar once resources are available for me to make them (Wolfs should be within 6 months easily, boar could be within a year but you could choose to have a extra wolf instead)

    I will also be having my own buildings set up within city's as time progresses and people who invest will have low crafting charges on the buildings I own.

    Any questions just put them below, and thanks for reading!
  • I understand the 6 month return is a concern but I said 'within 6 months', would any of you invest upon a person who claimed they could give you 5 free mounts, discounted products, and dire mounts and return gold within 2 months.

    That would sound like a scam to me this is mainly posted towards the players who will be on the game for a extended amount of time. If the business does amazing well then of course all the investors would be paid back earlier. But I would rather be safe than sorry and give you a time frame where you would have your gold back even if I had to farm resources to .

    If you look at it another way its in my best interest to return gold to you earlier on as 10k golds worth at 2 months would be 1/5th of the likely price in 6 months.
  • @Reenoah

    Its essentially what all the big guilds do, just the average Joe does not get the chance or a return. Everyone gives their gold/silver/time up to push their guild ahead, to make them grow faster.

    My method means I can get backers to help my trading grow in the city's and thrive of being one of the top traders, players are happy as they get free mounts and their investments back, I am happy as it allows me to push ahead of my competitors.

    If you believe thinking ahead and taking initiative should not be allowed look at the big three alliances, should they not be allowed to ally as it means they have a easier time?

    Regardless of investments I will still be a success I just happen to want to be one of the best, and when I become a big trader I remember the people who helped me get there.
  • @Saya

    It ended well last Beta, and it will end well this release already have a few investors. The people who hate will hate and for most people who start three days into the game will use their gold to buy a mount anyway. For the people investing in the higher packs I can guarantee a Dire wolf would cost at least a 1-2 million silver to start of with which will cost less than the two higher packages which they get returned in full.

    The reason most people don't like the idea is generally trust, and envy. Can they trust me to deliver what I say I can, and then other people see it as a unfair head start to me. Thats how business is though, the last kind of people just dont give a **** and like the drama thats what section you fall in, thanks for the post though keeps the topic up on the boards.
  • @Midgard

    The speed in which I get to T3 crafted should be two days after my first island being bought which should be day one. T4 Mounts will be opened relatively fast after T3 a few days at most, with the amount of islands i am hoping to set up. It will be more than likely the leather and the level of my stables which will hold me back once i get to T5/6 within a few weeks. Silver/gold also has an affect on how fast I actually craft the next tier of horses, if I craft a load of T3 horses for example I will want to continue breeding them for a few days/week to get the best value out of them before replacing them with new t4 horses to grow.

    That being said I will be growing the next tier mounts as soon as possible to repay investors so if I have 10 investors, then I will replace 10 of whatever tier mount I was growing with the new tier as soon as it is clickable. The only time this will change is if leather gatherers are a tier or two behind, there would be no point for me to grow t6 horses if no one is capable of gathering t6 leather etc.
  • @Doobie

    That is a good way of thinking going into the release, people will also choose to put their gold/silver into crafting, perhaps flip gold, perhaps do their own islands, gather, or farm mobs.

    A few months into the game those people who want higher tier mounts will more than likely have to trade their gold to silver, as a Direwolf is anywhere from 1-2 Million silver.

    When gold reaches the value of 200 silver each after a month or two that equates to 5k - 10K gold which they would have to trade to get 1-2m silver for their Direwolf.

    So yes they lose out on possibly doing their own thing, but for players who are not going to be crafters and will mainly focus on PVP this is actually a good deal. That being said it wont suit some people, i am not saying that this is the best thing since sliced bread its just a option for people to choose.