Official release the legend MasterZedX returns to the new Albion Online

    • "It's better to make friends than enemies"

      Servers are shit, 20min qeueue<- (fuck this word) on league, it's hot as shit, and i'm bored as fuck.

      It's been almost a month of release and i see many have already started to feel the long-term effects of being an asshole. So i will give you my story so far and i hope any of you reading learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.

      I'm primarily a solo player, but i know how to work well in groups, and even better when leading one. I understand this game well and i understand people even better. The most important resource in any world, virtual or real, is people. With that said it's important to also know that they're 2 different types of people, in the words of "Drax" from Guardians of the Galaxy "there are people who dance and people who don't", i'd like to rephrase that as "there are people who will always dance, and people who know when not to".

      When i started planning on how i'd come into release i was sure i'd start my journey as a solo player, but i ran into an old friend/guildie who i'd met in alpha 2, summer 2015. We had played and dominated previous betas together except the most recent one, mostly because i was too busy to be bothered playing Albion at all.

      <- me

      We talked and i agreed i'd join forces with him once more, but instead of our own group i would be joining a guild that he had been playing with from the last beta. Now i was a bit skeptical before joining because the guild he was in was filled with players that were once personal fanboys of mine, and i say fanboy in the most descriptive way fanboy can be described. The guild, no, the entire alliance was indeed a toxic cesspool that i knew wouldn't last long, but i stayed with them for a week and a day because i was trying to be as loyal as i could to the invite from this old friend of mine.

      After the first week passed, i left, it was disgusting and pointless to stay around a leader who doesn't respect himself and players who couldn't think for themselves. As before i described the different types of people that exist in a world. The Individuals, capable of surviving independently and creating progressive objectives for themselves, and then the sheep who need a shepherd, there's not much else to describe to that, but it's easy to succumb to being a sheep if it means you will be part of the best flock of sheep.

      I will admit the week of leaving was very difficult, i was part of a top alliance that had control over an entire side of the black zone which i could free farm. As someone who wanted to own the top of the leaderboard, leaving in an unruly manner would make 90% of the alliance my enemy. Now while i was in the guild/alliance i made friends quickly and as many as i thought "knew wassup". These guys gave me the day 2 day info in which i'd need to be able to successfully farm zones without getting clapped.

      Week 2 goes by and i'd accomplished what i needed on that side of the map and it was time to move on, thanks to my friends. This is when things got interesting, i decided i'd make my own guild & alliance, although i'd be the only one in it. I knew people would be a lot more hesitant to ganking a guilded player than a solo player at the time, it gave the facade i was riding with other players especially with the tier of gear i was using at the time. I met a lot of other individuals farming in high black zone areas, i befriended many and we added to each others knowledge of the game, some were guilded, some weren't.

      I'd run into people who weren't interested but didn't bother me, but i then ran into a specific asshole, he was a guilded individual, a gatherer. This player would not stop trying to kill me, i'd explained various times to the player that i'm not a pker and don't care for his presence as far he doesn't impose a threat to what i'm doing. He didn't listen, he tried various times to kill me and i either escaped or retaliated, he never was successful at killing me but i successfully killed him many times and every time he would privately message me and tell me of his billions and how these deaths meant nothing to him and he would come back to kill me, etc etc etc.

      I'm a person that would rather make friends than enemies because they last longer, and prove to be more helpful than the loot you might get if you choose to kill them.

      This is the same player on week 3:

      I'm currently rank #2 on the leaderboard and grinding to claim rank 1 and own it. Most of my accomplishments while solo, couldn't have been obtainable without the individuals i built a relationship with, rather than see them as a target. There are many players i could've easily killed but rather i let live and help their growth as they have mine.

      Albion is not a "PvP game" it's a game with PvP. The end.

      I hope anyone who reads this see's the moral and uses the tale in other aspects of things you do. .

      MZX thesaurus:

      Individual - An independent person capable of being themselves and fulfilling self-made tasks to push them forward at the cost of being alone if necessary, some call them lone wolfs or Ronin.

      Fanboy - An obsessive, compulsive person bent on getting the attention of another by any means possible. A fanboy can also be a Stan.

      Stan - Stan

      Sheep - Cannon fodder, slave, minion, node.

      Shepard - A person with the characteristics of an individual but can also be a lemming, they might lead you to greatness or hollowness. Be careful on who you allow to be your Shepard.
      "Lemmings like to fall off a cliff and bring their whole squad with 'em"

      Know wassup - You get it.

      Clapped - To get killed.
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    • Neu

      Game has gotten to the point where 3 different alliances would rather kill me together than fight themselves. Life for MasterZedX the solo player has only gotten more interesting. New tactics will be formed, new friends will be made. The story continues...

      EDIT: Various PMing me for the names of the guilds, alliances, and players but that's not your business. I'm not here to promote slave owners or fanboy players.
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