New Item Power Values

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    • New Item Power Values

      Hello everyone,

      Here are the new Item Power values since Hector Hotfix #3. Note that Relic Artifact items are not yet in the game.

      TIER 4
      Normal Item700800900980
      Rune Artifact8008809481012
      Soul (Hell) Artifact9009489961036
      Relic Artifact980101210361060

      TIER 5
      Normal Item8009009801060
      Rune Artifact90096410281084
      Soul (Hell) Artifact980102810641108
      Relic Artifact1060108411081132

      TIER 6
      Normal Item90098010601120
      Rune Artifact980104410961144
      Soul (Hell) Artifact1060109611321168
      Relic Artifact1120114411681192

      TIER 7
      Normal Item980106011201180
      Rune Artifact1060110811561204
      Soul (Hell) Artifact1120115611921228
      Relic Artifact1180120412281252

      TIER 8
      Normal Item1060112011801240
      Rune Artifact1120116812161264
      Soul (Hell) Artifact1180121612521288
      Relic Artifact1240126412881312
    • Limited the T8 resource rate enchanted and keep the base values.

      This modification and stupid and is due to two factors:

      1- Drop rate in high outland: It is much way too high (to be reduced by 30 to 50%); When I do it is caranges every time.

      2- T8 in the clusters:

      A. Not enough compulsion to own territories. A guild that has almost all the territories of the game is just anything.
      Creating more contradiction in having a multitude of territory will encourage small guilds / alliances to take risks.

      B. Why do they have all the territories? Because the size of the alliances is too great and so there is no competition.
      Smaller alliances will allow many guilds to get their heads out of the water.

      3 teams well equipped to turn in empty hellgates for 2 weeks and they rekt all those who came to discover.

      The problem is that 10/20% have gone to discover the HG red / black while 80/90% stayed in yellow and would like hellgates that instant repop to go faster.
      Some have complained that they have no chance to do their stuffs, and since they were systematically falling on them as 90% of the players were in safe zone you decide to nerve also the remaining 10%.

      And all these changes in values will not change anything. The big teams will always crush small ones, who will always complain about falling on them as 90% of the players will take no risk and will want to pvp instantly.

      Instant pvp which does not correspond to Albion Online.
    • This is proberly the worst change ever made to the game. I am seriously speechless, SI have outdone themselves in stupidity this time.

      The difference between the two strongest items when max in item power is 1.5% and between t7 and 8 is 6.5%. Please tell me i calculate it wrong?

      From what i have seen on the marked the price are going up with 300-1000% for each tier.