Team Faded Guild Recruitment

  • Team Faded Guild Recruitment

    Hello and Welcome to the Team Faded Official Recruitment Thread!

    Team Faded is an aspiring guild created and managed by me, Kfactor, since February of 2016. Team Faded has moved to Albion Online as of late May and has officially marked the start of Team Faded's history in Albion Online.

    Our pursuit for greatness is marked by our willingness to take risks and compete in a world where dominant guilds seem to be in control the land of Albion. We are determined to compete in the world and shatter the dreams of the utmost prestigious guilds already known to Albion Online. To accomplish this goal we need enthusiastic, perseverant, collaborative, and dedicated players to achieve what we desire.

    Team Faded will have numerous opportunities for GvGs, Hellgates, and Black Zone PvP. As part of Team Faded, we treat each player with the same respect and hold each other accountable. That said, guild leadership positions will be earned by merit based achievement, activeness in guild and guild events, and overall social activity.

    Must Haves:
    1. Must have discord.
    2. Must be active and convey their absences beforehand to either GM or RH.
    (if absence exceeds 3 days in length)
    3. Respect guild chain of command and other members.
    4. Must be willing to contribute to the guild and guild goals.
    5. Must be able to speak and understand English.
    6. All members must attempt to attend guild events, we don't encourage solo play.
    7. Be chill, we joke around for laughs (Saturday Night Roast Fests In Guild Hall).
    8. Have fun!

    If you are accepted from the application section we will then contact you directly to continue with a brief discord interview to clarify any misunderstandings with the GM and RH, Gamegalaxy000, and convey our final judgement.

    The application is a simple Google Form, if you are unable to access the google form, please post a comment communicating this and we will personalize an application for you. We hope to see you with us, otherwise we will see you on the battlefield!

    Last but certainly not least, We Despise The Existence Of Marmots!!!!

    \/ Google Form Link \/

    :thumbsup: Application Form :thumbsup:
  • Hello Booff, as the GM for Team Faded I am happy to notify you that you have been approved for a discord interview. However, in your application you left out the 4 digit discord tag for your account, so we are unable to add you as a friend and get you in the discord for your interview. If you would be nice enough to give us your discord tag we will add you and proceed with the recruitment process.

    Thank You For Applying,