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    Your reply kinda gives me the idea that botting isn't an issue. It will always be an issue and expeditions only strenghten the possibilities of avoiding detection.
    Wouldn't botting in an instanced expedition be easier to detect than botting in the open world ? By simply pulling a fame+silver / hour list and look at the source of silver income and history of an account , an expedition bot would surely stand out. They've already shown their zero tolerance policy towards exploits , so now that we already have the expeditions in game they may just as well stay for people to enjoy. I also fail to see what an army of expedition bots with premium running 24/7 can achieve , let alone generate so much silver that it would skew our economy.
    It's quite not so simple. A smart botter doesn't leave a bot running the same instance or task for 24/7. Our little bot maker can make a bot that say, runs operational 18 hours a day, running expeditions, occasionally doing green zone mobs, gathering and return to expeditions. More sophisticated bots also don't move like robots, they intentionally do random movement that isn't "optimal" and i'v also seen bots that actually even respond to certain messages when asked in private.

    The expeditions just give an escape route to a place where other players can't even detect it. (Expecting it to be a 5 man bot team). Anyways, it's not a big concern of mine, just something that was never really even explained from devs side how do they plan on countering this upcoming issue. Only word from devs about preventing bots have been "we have our own systems in place".

    Instanced content is generally a bot paradise, so naturally people have been concerned about it. Also, i would bet good money that bots are detected by sensors that check overall play time and so forth. Unless SBI has been crazy enough to breach EU law by doing what Blizzard did at one point. Which I highly doubt. Over all, it's a really difficult job and expeditions just make it a tad more harder :)
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