Trading History / Market Trading History

  • Trading History / Market Trading History

    i'm just wondering . Is it better to have a History tab for Trading , and Selling / Buying Stuff in Market ( we should have 2 tabs . Selling / Buying tabs in market . and each tabs will show us the location we sold / buy our goods ) ? It will help the mercenary play style ( like me , my friends ) and help the orthers players alot to keep track on their silvers / golds , their stuff ....v.....v......
  • There is a huge market interface overhaul planned for the end of the year, which will also include significant more information.
    In addition to that we still have planned to outsource the market data (not the transactions, just the data) to our websites so you can check various local prices.

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  • So we can check all of our trade on the website when the game release ?
    What about trading history ? i think it is needed somehow , cause there's a lot's of time i want to checked who did i trade or what i traded ,
    btw if we can check our market history on website it's awsome xD tks for hard work