[Feedback Wanted!] New Hector Dungeons

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  • Mathieu94P wrote:

    Foximmilian wrote:

    Thank you guys, again, for your time and feedback!
    We're really grateful for this. :thumbsup:
    Hi @Foximmilian
    In view of the answers, many players would like more diversity in the dungeons.

    Knowing that many dungeon cards are already drawn (beta cards 1 & beta 2), do you plan to diversify the dungeons of third-party equivalent?

    Today all the T5, T6 or T7 dungeons are copied pasted from their pair and this lack of diversity.
    Hi @Mathieu94P

    We know the issue with diversity in those Dungeons and it's bothering us as well.
    We want to bring more variety into the World of Albion in general and Dungeons are definitely part of these intentions.

    Currently we concentrate our efforts on making the surface great as much as we can. And we certainly will look into Dungeons Experience once it's done.

    Thank you for your feedback and questions! :)
  • Blodvaerd wrote:

    I have only played Undead and Keepers (tiers IV and V) but it would be nice if there was all factions available at each tier (IV - VIII)
    Hi @Blodvaerd !

    Thank you for asking! We've decided to separate Factions by Tiers to create a sense of progression from tier to tier.
    Currently there're no plans to change that. But we're trying to bring more variety to the mobs inside the same tier to compensate that.
  • Give us your feedback!
    • Morgana (T6) Ribcage
    And just try to answer as many of the following questions as you can, as a post to this topic:

    1. 1 - can be a little hard if someone falls asleep and runs off through the mobs. Otherwise easy.
    2. 1- some of the higher level bosses are a little difficult in groups of 4 or less, but mostly easy
    3. 4 - the new changes were welcome but still boring
    4. only time you really pull to many is when you get surprised by a roamer, never had a problem knowing what sort of damage was coming at first glance
    5. no been really really quiet.
    6. | 4 - Pretty ]
    7. 2 i needed the fame, but it was ok. Would have preferred to be doing something else, but not pulling teeth either
    8. 2 - It could've been better | ill get used to the fame changes silver was fine
    9. That time 2 of us almost cleared the dungeon waiting for everyone to get ready. then left cuz we hit our target (tank and healer) ha poor group.

    Its obvious that dungeons are not a priority in the game and that PVP is. The only way to get reasonable fame is in them, there must be a way to make it a little more engaging. i see myself getting to mastery 75 before saying "no more fame farming" and spending the next few months gathering/roaming.
  • @Foximmilian I would say that I miss the style of beta 1, in which as you go further and further down or up, the dungeon or raid gets harder till you meet final boss, I highly suggest this idea for them to give players the perspective of how they are only t4 and need to get that t5 to fight the next level all the way up to t8 and such, this mostly idea for raids, since dungeons should be limited to what they offer. I did get an idea from a truly committed player and that is to have a dungeon gvg in which can be 10 vs 10, where the owners can have some benefit while inside, or their own area to farm. Just an idea to make them more interesting while giving them pvp, hmp if want any more details on it.

    -My favorite moment was how my guild would plan an event for the yellow zone bandit raid in beta 1, where we had a separate player log in with an ox to hold all of our other gear sets since in beta 1 mob elites could kill and armor would go red or trash a LOT. First week we tried doing the 1 st level and it took some time getting used to, we had to skip the fire mage boss since was so OP, and move to the others. Finally get to level 1 boss and wasn't easy, some died here and there but every time we faced him we got closer and closer till we killed him and moved to next level. 2nd level wasn't too bad, much easier after all the dung experience we got as a group, worked our way up to boss room where it was the 4th week since we started. It took a while getting it down but was truly an amazing time progressing each level, having to do certain tactics to get to next. Every time we got the runes or relics to make the gear at the time which were necessary, we dropped them off on our ox guy then head back in. When we called it a night we would escort him back to city. Run into flagged players every time, but was fun since was very Sandbox like, don't see that anymore with rep system sadly.

    "He rules the frost therefore he is their king." - God

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  • Those green dungeons ahould be hidden caves or somethimg. Maybe lots more of them randomly spawning in appropriate parts of the map.....caves, behind waterfalls, and such. Somtging should really just replace them. Even toning down the blue dyngeons and making them replace the greens would work then make better group dungeons.....anything really.

    Also I f the open world is the focus why does it seem like we had better mob camps at the begining of hector? It could just be that all is stripped bare do to over population but it seems like much less is availableon the open world for mobs and bosses than at the start of hector.

    Currently pve is unplayable in the open world without and expeditions are no solution.

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  • First of all and most importantly: Tell us which dungeons and Tier you have played! (This is mandatory)
    • Morgana (T6) Sapwood Glen
    And just try to answer as many of the following questions as you can, as a post to this topic:

    1. Please rate the difficulty level of mobs encounters in general (excluding the Bosses) [ 2 ]
    2. Please rate the difficulty level of the Boss and name or describe the Boss, if you remember: [ 1 ] Mage and Melee boss
    3. Please rate the navigation in the dungeon: [ 4 ]
    4. Were the mobs groups recognizable enough? Were there situations when you didn't know which mobs exactly you would pull? Yes, No
    5. Did you meet other players in the dungeon? If yes, tell us about the experience. Yes, interesting won most engagements
    6. Was the dungeon visually appealing for you? How would you rate this? : [ 2 ] It's pretty bland all
    7. Did you enjoy the experience in general (apart from getting silver and fame)? : [ 2 ] First time was fun, Second time enjoyable after the third and the rest just like k need fame lets just do it
    8. Did you find rewards in terms of silver and fame rewarding? [ 2 ] the drops are predictable you never get that holly jolly jay happy happy drop
    9. (Optional) Could you please name 1 to 3 memorable moments from this dungeon?
      - Fighting between two hostile pvp groups
      - Killing the Mage boss for the first time and seeing his mechanic with the spinning scythe on a player
      - Reaching the second floor ?

    PS: BRING BACK PORTAL DUNGEONS ... I loved those :(

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    • T5 keeper dungeon (probably spent a good 24 hours actually in the dungeon since launch, or more.)
    Difficulty, rated a 3 with groups usually around 7 people taking one path

    a. The druid boss dies too quickly, 1 so long as you dodge the abilities.
    b. The giant boss is a 1 since his CC is easy to dodge he doesn't do damage and he just takes forever to kill. Stuns need to last longer.
    c. Warrior Boss rated a 3, I like him and he's balanced.
    d. Rare wizard doesn't spawn enough
    e. The rare warrior and giant are great

    4 - I knew where I was and where to go.

    We knew which groups and which mobs we were pulling

    Oh god yes we met other players and it's almost always fun. Usually a good 20-30 v 20, plenty of chokes, the only issues are there isn't enough elevation differences or chokes on stairs where one team has a higher ground. We missed that from the older heretic beta dungeons.

    1 - its all grey, looks the same, it's one cave environment, and there isn't a lot of decoration items.

    I'd love to see some closed off caves where it looks darker, maybe some ore in the dungeon. Add some areas with dirt and mushrooms, they're all standing there and it doesn't look like anyone lives there, it's missing the Druidic essence, doesn't feel Druidic.

    1.5 - I don't know if it's fun, after an hour we tend to get bored, I don't know if it's friends or guilds or PvP that makes it fun, but the dungeon itself isn't.

    There needs to be mini bosses in the dungeon, smaller bosses that break up the monotonous path to the next larger boss. And there needs to be other reasons to attract people to dungeons. Add resources to dungeons.

    There's also ZERO EXPLORATION. It's always the same and there needs to be stuff that change from time to time. After a month or so people will HATE doing them.


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