Second server with league system

  • Second server with league system


    While waiting for Albion beta to finish I did play a lot of Path of Exile, while having character in standard league I always play new league when they come out and now i can clearly see that every new league game economy is fresh and players tend to group to help each other, cos they have bad items and so on while in standard league that never ha any wipes, nobody is making parties, old players have best gear an can solo all content, most of "new" players are old ones "re-rolling" cos they got some epic gear for another class and want to try that out.

    Im saying this cos I have to wonder, what will server be like in one year? Will new players have any chance to compete for good farm spots cos old ones will have max gear? Will game have to make additional epic gear to keep old players interested cos progression sooner or later will stop? I rly like Path Of Exile league system for that, you enter new league and everything is new, OFC im not suggesting any wipes, but maybe second server that would have "seasons" would be cool. Like one super hard dungeon or castle to take and when people have done that - season ends, like a challenge, hardcore players would be all in for this, new players who wanted to have that fresh server feeling.

    TLDR: Second server that will be wiped every season , with different goals every time, like league system in Path of Exile.