Auction house, can't see superior armors

  • Auction house, can't see superior armors

    I was trying to place some artifact armor on the auction house. It wasn't selling and I wanted to investigate the issue. I noticed that when you go to the auction house you can select the type of gear you want to look at. Once you do this the auction house populates the items cheapest to most expensive.

    However, there is a concern I have. There is only one page on display, when someone scrolls through, they only get one page of auctions to look at. My artifact helm, made with royal sigil is not listed when someone is simply browsing cloth tier 4 helms.

    The buyer is unaware of its existence. The auction house is flooded with low level armor and mine is not displayed. They have to type Royal just to see my item (Adept's Royal Cowl). How am I supposed to sell this item? Unless someone actually looks up they types of armor they can use, there is no way they can find this stuff.

    My suggestion
    When you search an auction, it should display the 4 cheapest listings of that armor type, possibly with an expand button. This will give buyers a greater selection of what they see.
  • If someone is looking to buy, as in your example Adepts Royal Cowl, then they will most certainly search specifically for that item. I search by item type, tier and by typing in part of the name to refine my search. No one is going to buy your Royal cowl on pure chance ... they will be looking for one and type 'royal' in the search as you stated and probably filter to tier 4 if they are after an adept one. This is by design.
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