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  • Ruri of Albion

    I made this to share what's it like to be a female player in the backgrounds. For starters, I'm not good at gaming. I don't have fast reflexes, I don't have fast hands. I have really low game experience, basically Red Alert, StarCraft and Dota against AI's if that counts and some short-lived MMO experiences. However I love gaming, I love meeting new people and having new friends. I love the fancy magic effects, the thrill on killing bosses and grinding dungeons.

    Finding Albion and experiencing the Beta made me realize that I could possibly stay longer in this game. There's another way of gaming rather than just PVP and endless need for being the best. I can support my guild or make money just by being a crafter or gatherer. Playing Albion is like living a real life during the medieval ages. It's refreshing and somehow, full of possibilities. I could just craft and gather, make money and raid. The idea that whatever you do mattered was what capured me most.

    After playing for almost 3 weeks, I'm so excited for the release already. I had all these ideas and plans and maybe I got adddicted to it too. I can't help but think about Albion everyday and check if the I watered the farm. I kept thinking about programs to make things easier for the guilds and crafting easier. Overall, I'm happy and excited.

    Excited to create history,
    "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."

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  • So my laptop got busted last Thursday and I didn't get to play for the last 4 days. I think I panicked and overreacted when it happened. I was looking out for options on how to play the game. I haven't watered my farm yet and I want to use all my focus for that. As a person who plans things ahead, I was frantic looking for alternatives. Good thing I realized that it was still Beta. I was still low-tiered and if I wanted to catch up I couldn't be lazy about it.

    The weekend came in and I was itching to play. Since nothing could be done, I was just reading all the guild posts and conversations on the game about the upcoming release. I'm researching on possible Android Tablets and thought to ask the developers for their android test devices model since I've decided to save up for a tab and a new laptop before the release so that nothing like this could ever happen again. In a game like Albion, the initial stages are very crucial. The market, the resources, the build up. You need to stabilize yourself before you can throughly enjoy yourself.

    After I panicked last Thusday, I wondered if I got addicted with game. But then I realized, that since it's the only game I played and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was reluctant to part with it, especially during the weekend. People would have said that, "It's just a game" but I guess, it was my little world and my little bubble.

    Thank God for Beta.

    @Thomas9 - There's no specific time and I'm not sure about it yet. I write when I felt like writing. I can't say for the future yet. Sometimes, I think it's very embarassing writing my thoughts and experiences but yeah.

    Itching to play Albion,
    "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."

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  • Pre Release Blues

    It's almost the end of the Founder's Pack sale and after intense deliberation, I have decided to upgrade my Veteran account . Even as a casual gamer, I think there's a lot of benefit of getting to play earlier game on.

    I had decided to focus on crafting staves and lumber gathering as my main roles of the game. After feeling good of my decision, I decided to check out the forum for any updates and information. And guess what? I found a very interesting forum about "Main/Alts strategy". I'm new to the game and just joined the latest Beta so I'm not knowledgeable in a lot of areas. I knew about alt characters ingame but I never found it 'beneficial'. I just think of it as way of playing. Just another method of handling things.

    Well, until I delved deeper and found a 36-paged Alt and Learning points discussion. Apparently it was a long issue with some of the players. From the 'Nick' and 'Howard' issue to the different contrasting opinions of the members. I've learned, with the current state of Albion, having ALT characters is an efficient way of playing the game. For a dedicated crafter like me, the LP would be needed for my gathering and crafting and the focus would help a lot of farm and refining. One of 'em even said that having ALT characters is playing the game 'responsibly'.

    I guess, I agree to the idea of removing ALT so that one could focus on the path they've chosen and the needed roles are being addressed by other players. However, for a solo player, they can't always have those resources or crafting skill so there's need of other ALT accounts to be self sufficient, especially for a competitive market to a casual player. I'm still conflicted on this matter but I'll still play the game as it is. My friends are here and I'm excited to try playing for a crafting route rather intense PVP.
    "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."
  • Ruri, if you are interested in a more economic oriented guild, look up the Old Timers Guild in game. We are a 25yo+ mature (in the sense of not kids, but we have a code of conduct that forbids harassing language etc.) socially oriented guild that does group content but is not "leet." I'm a retiree, myself but I'm actually one of the minority of true "old timers" -- most are in their 20s-40s, and very helpful folks.

    If you are interested in people who will help you out, will appreciate a crafter/gatherer's contributions, and not smack you for lack of twitch skills (far less for being female -- you'll have plenty of company including me, who's been a woman playing MMOs including stuff like Eve and all the way back to EQ in '99) -- might be a good fit! :)

    The recruitment process can be daunting. The guild has been around for over a decade, and they try to review folks at the onset, so there's a bit of paperwork and review. But I'm a new person with them playing along side folks who've been around eleven years and it's all good.
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