Bug Report Guidelines

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  • Bug Report Guidelines

    Hi there!

    Thank you for all the feedback and reports, we sincerely appreciate your support in making Albion Online a great sandbox mmorpg!

    We'd like to share with you these refreshed guidelines on how to report bugs and other issues so we can improve the overall experience of the gameplay.

    How to properly report a bug?
    1. Use the #bug command in game.
      • Example: #bug there's a hole in the ground here.
      This method is the best way to report any environmental bugs (misplaced objects, resources stuck in other objects, invisible walls, holes, missing textures etc) because coordinates of your character are sent along with the report so you don't have to post a screenshot or explain where exactly the problem is.
    2. Post a thread in the Bugs forum.
      • A good bug report should be brief but specific with as many details as possible. You may use following template:
        • Description of the issue:
        • Steps to reproduce:
        • Result:
        • Expected result
      • Bugs regarding loca and translations should be reported saparately in Loca Bugs Thread
    3. Post a thread in the Report Cheats and Exploits forum.
    4. Send your bug report to support@albiononline.com
      • This option is recommended to use for technical issues rather than standard bugs tho.

    Keep up the good work and continue to help us find and fix all the pesky bugs! Thanks!

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