A post just regarding to the base 2 handed axes being under-powered (great axe and halberd)

    • These are all great ideas.. here are mine, something a bit different

      An Axe user should be able to create soft, juicy targets for the rest of the group by applying DoT bleeds, slows and armor pierce. (Resist is a great idea but its not good for group play)

      Passives - Add a slow or run speed skill. Reduce # hits to be more like spear or sword. More incentive to use auto attack.. alternative you could add a small stacking slow to any bleed, but that might be OP.

      • Leverage the stacking skill concept with E
      • Add some armor pierce to Fierce strike, or increase current dmg by 10-20%
      • Combine frenzy and adrenaline. 2 similar skills isnt great. What shines here is the Frenzy skill for short immune to CC fits Axe play style. IMO it should also cleanse the caster.
      • Add skill: axe throw slows, or stuns target.
      • 1H Axe. Its actually OK for solo/PvE and some PvP. But would probably get more use if you add a small slow on hit - make it a bit more viable for OW/ganking vs other gank weapons. Or maybe add a stacking self resist..
      • 2H Battle Axe: User can cancel Whirlwind. New: Consumes Q stacks - applies X% armor pierce to all hit for x/sec. ZvZ fun!
      • 2H Halberd: Modify Rending strike skill. New: Consumes Q stacks. Add jump and spread rending strike to larger radius on ground target.
      • 2H Carrion: Modify to consumes Q stacks for a heal and damage debuff range. E.g. 225dmg+20% heal debuff; 350dmg+30% heal debuff, 425dmg and 40% heal debuff (T8)
      • 2H Infernal: Modify to consume Q stacks - adjust bleed DOT dmg to a lower/higher possible range
      • New Relic - Dual Axe: new skill Bone Strike! Leap to target (9m) and apply a 1, 2 strike on your opponent. 1st strike applies armor pierce and 3s stun when shattering the bone. The second immediate strike slashes for 250base dmg and applies a rending strike to target.
      *adjust ttl dps as necessary to balance vs other weapons.

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    • I tried the Halberd with Mercenary Jacket. In theory it seemed like a match made in heaven with the Bleed spreading all over...

      Rending swing does not trigger any kind of heal while Bloodlust is active, this must be a bug. @Korn

      I was surrounded by skeles, hit Bloodlust and Rending Swing, I got zero heals. Or is it just that killing blow does not heal? I have not used Mercenary Jacket that much...
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    • @Morkiz oh, I am pretty sure dots do heal... At least some of them...? But actually, I was talking about direct damage fom the E spell of Halberd.

      Some data:

      Bloodlust heals do not show in combat logs. (they do after all)

      autoattack heals with Bloodlust
      autoattack killing hit does not heal.

      Rending Strike DOT heals with Bloodlust
      Morgana Raven DOT heals with Bloodlust
      Internal Bleeding DOT heals with Bloodlust
      Internal Bleeding DOT killing hit does not heal.

      Because heals do not show in combat logs and there is a delay for the heal numbers showing up, it is very difficult to be sure what actually happens. But it seems that killing blow does not heal. Which is fine. Bloodlust is powerful as it is and does not need a buff in my opinion. This could somehow be added to the description. (Every non-fatal damage heal yourself?)
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