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  • Please make it to where you cannot place decorations inside a town. On a island or a property plot you own is fine but please not in a towns public walking area.Even with a T6 demo hammer it takes around 10 min to knock a single decoration down. Then you hope the owner doesn't see you doing it pick it up go repair it and place it back down just so you have to start all over again. The conditions of towns at the end of last beta should have been enough for this change to happen already but no its still a problem.If you are not willing to do this can you please make the placement timer equal to the time it takes for a single person with the correct tier of demo hammer to destroy it or once the item is being attacked it cannot be picked up till "combat" is over.
  • Any or all of these changes would be very nice...

    1. Don't allow in city.
    2. Don't allow to pick it up if in combat.
    3. Make it as fast to knock them down as it is to place them... Give Demo hammers damage multiplier inside cities x1k or x10k or whatever it takes to destroy a decoration in the same time it takes to place them.