Stacked Journals submission causes client crash

  • Stacked Journals submission causes client crash

    What happened: I placed a stack of 4 filled T2 stone journals to a new stone mason (I had allowed happiness to rise to 102.5%). The stone mason shows 4 journals submitted, the client slows down (very sluggish). Client returns to login screen, but clicking on the client leads to a "not responding" status followed by a client crash

    What I expected: I expected that the system would take 1 journal from the stack. And allow me to continue with the process.

    Issue: System appears to allow a laborer to receive a stack of journals, but crashes thereafter.

    Repeatable: Yes

    System: Windows 10
  • Got a "similar" issue - not sure if its' the exact same one:

    first, I shift-clicked the t8 book to give them the job, but before sending them out I shift-clicked on the t7 book-stack in my inventory and it bugged the game into a disconnect.
    was repeat-able for me, for any book-combination I had for any gathering-laborer there was.

    Tried it with un-stacked books, too - same bug

    it disconnects me into the log-in screen, where I can not reconnect (just an endless/very long "Connecting ... ") - closing/restarting game via task-manager makes it work/log-in just fine