Guild tax on Guild Auction House

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  • Couple of things wrong with your logic here.

    1. Life and thus games aren't fair.
    2. Putting a tax on the guild AH only effects trades that happen on the AH which doesn't necessarily effect gatherers or crafters.
    3. Adding a tax to a guild AH only means that the traders are going to mark up their prices to cover the cost of the tax.
      1. For example: Trader Jim sells his items for 10 silver. Guild institutes a tax on the AH of 10%. Trader Jim now sells his item for 11 or 12 silver to cover the cost of the tax and makes the same amount of money. Now your "combatants" are paying even more in taxes while the traders are unaffected.
    I do think that it would be nice for guilds to be able to tax trades that happen on the auction house though.

    Also, it would be nice to have item exchange contracts so that guilds (and players) could more easily buy and sell things (like bundled sets of gear).