Elite mobs

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  • Hello, I have a q.
    SBI balance editors how did u tested Mobs?
    When Hp p\m deff of elite mobs is just over power'd. If u whan't to balance them some how look pls at those 2 aspects Hp=exp, ok u can raise def attack for elites but give then something like better drop. Did u try 5 elites? They are much much more stronger then 6t but drop and exp lower I don't even whant to say about t7 dung and 8 with veteran mobs who are easy to handle.. hg now u can do 200k very easily! In t7 darkroot before update 400~~ now I don't even whant to try...

    P.s. @Bercilak @Korn @Talion Waste 15 min Of u time and just compare them by hand.
    They are not playable! Thx for u game don't kill it.
  • Hi Jorijio,

    I am not sure based on what numbers you came to this conclusion but I will try to account your worries.
    To do that I will take the actual numbers of the Undead Soldier.

    The armor (121) is the same for all three versions thus the relative difference between HP and effective HP is the same.

    Danger LevelHPFameFame per 1k HP rel. drop chancedrop chance rel. to HP
    Standard (Solo)2165693211
    Veteran (Group)866134239205
    Elite (Raid)17322819478010

    So what do those numbers actually tell us?
    • a veteran mob has 4 times the HP of a standard mob whereas an elite mob has 8 times the HP of a standard mob.
    • a veteran mob gives 5 times the fame of a standard mob whereas an elite mob gives about 12 times the fame of a standard mob
    • as you can see in the the column for fame per 1000 HP every HP on a veteran mob is more valuable than on a standard mob
    • drop chances are even more extreme
    Expected result: based on numbers killing elite mobs is the effective method to grind fame or drops.

    If you have different experience I'd be very happy to receive some data that allows to find the error.
    To be evaluable some constraints have to be kept in mind when doing those tests:
    • track time (start, end, pauses)
    • accurately track rewards (fame, drops)
    • track knock downs since they destroy a certain amount of loot you have already received and create "additional" silver
    • keep the setup the same (same people, with the same gear and skill setup)
    My assumption would be that difference in rewards results because of the difference of setup from veteran to elite mobs rather than the difference in stats.

    Best regards,
  • Thx for u answer dear Thorn. In a few days I will try to make video farming in t6 yellow zone new elites 5t and 8t elites then t7-8 veterans in 5 men group.
    But my worries started from 1 thing that we went in 4 men group in 6.1 gear to 5 elites and fame and farming speed was terrible and then to 7 veterans and we change gear to compare to 6.0 and fame was a lot faster on t7 vet I don't whant to say about t8 vet bosses who we usually farm.. even if we will go to t6 elites it will be better farm in the same t6.0 gear in vets of course we can gear up in 81-82 and far t8 vet that they will not reasp fast enough.. in that case maybe it will be faster just becomes of mobs..
    Ok that just my opinion and how I saw it I will make the video that will be more proof fable.