Android 6.0.1 fatal error

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    • Android 6.0.1 fatal error

      After the update of Hector in the game on the tablet, I noticed a bunch of bugs that I did not have when I tested on the computer. Mistakes: the atlas of skilful and crafting will be played and opened, but within the atlas there will not be a single button to see the number of kraft pumping - just a picture and that's it. Mail does not work, shows the number of new emails in the form of a number, but when pressed, an empty window opens. At the teleport, in the dialogue with the NPS opens the window without selecting seats, just an empty dialog. Did reboot the game and the tablet - did not help. Reinstalled the game - all these errors were gone, but after he came out and after an hour came back, all the mistakes returned back. The device Samsung galaxi tab 10", android 6.0.1.