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  • Market Place QoL Suggestions

    Hello, I have a couple of Market Place Quality of Life suggestions to improve the user interface with auction houses.

    The first change I would like to see is a "Compare Price" button next to the "Abort Order" under the "My Orders" page. I would like this compare price button to pull up a small window showing you the current Lowest Competing Price for that item (as seen currently in the "create sell order" window) compared to the current price of your item - to facilitate checking if your item is above or under the current lowest price.

    Furthermore, I would like this small window to have a "Change Price" option that would allow the player to change the price of said item. An additional Auction House tax would be charged for each change in price.

    This system would allow a player to view the competing prices and change the price of an item currently up for sale without having to go through the current hassle of :checking my order price -> going to buy tab -> searching for item -> checking if item is cheapest -> going back to my orders tab -> aborting order -> going to completed tab -> picking item up -> going back to orders tab -> sell -> select item from inventory, set price and confirm.

    The Second change I would like to see implemented, which I am sure has been asked before, would be the ability to scale the size of the Market Place window. Bigger window, maybe even full screen option, so that you can look at more than 5 items horizontally. I have 50 different items up for sale in fort sterling and it is enough of a hassle resetting prices, at the very least i wish i could see more items in the list.

    There are a few other minor changes that I would like to see, such as ascending / descending price option, and the separation of hg artifacts from non hg artifacts but the above two suggestions would be a much bigger improvement.

    Edit: found this little gem from February 2015

    Bercilak wrote:

    Interesting idea @JohnnyF

    Another important feature would be to be able to change your already placed offer!
    Improved search function is as well needed.

    For next alpha however the focus is still a bit more on economy since there has been so many issues with silver, crafting and such. So I can not promise you that we get this improved till next alpha. But I agree on these things being necessary.

    Kind regards,

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