Spear - inner focus

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    • Spear - inner focus

      I don't think this is going to help all that much but it seems much better than before. the problem is people will see you doing it then just wait it out as it only lasts for 5s.

      It works with the base spear because at least you can jump in but I don't see anyone letting you do anything meaningful with the other spears. Axes and swords both get instant w skills that the final buff is worse but are instant and last just as long without having to stand still for 2s which is the problem with a moving battlefield.

      It needs something different, ditch the channel maybe make it like clecric robes/quarterstaff q if you take damage while casting (0.5s) you counter attack getting a buff (5s) to movespeed/dmg etc (lower than the 40%). This would make it satisfying to use and useful on all spears.
    • Spears are just all around janky. Their moves have odd timing and delays that feel unresponsive and unsatisfying, and worse of all hinder movement which puts the user in danger -- it's really no surprise that they are not a popular weapon.

      I agree that inner focus needs to be an instant cast or maybe a casted spell where you throw your spear and it creates a zone where it lands that gives you a buff if you walk over to it. There's a lot of options and plenty of room to give spears a movement speed ability to put them on the map that isn't a channeled spell.
    • Although I love spears, they are my weapon of choice, they do need some work.

      My biggest gripe is that Forest of Spears takes you off of your target. You are then forced to do a single, normal attack on a target you re click on. Spear needs a spell like the sword spell Cleave, which acquires a target lock automatically.

      My second biggest gripe is the if you hit Spirit Spear one extra time while stacking, you lose the entire stack. I spend most of the combat staring at the timer, instead of the action on the screen. Come to think of it, this might be my bigger gripe.

      I'll double check the builder but I believe Throw Spear is only an option with the Tier IV Heron.
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    • @skillazor are you seriously comparing a 2 second root on yourself to a spammable q ability? This applies even to spears if we get three stacks just ice block/block run away and we are just as screwed except we don't get a free dash move skill on our w we root ourselves for 2 second then get a move speed buff to catch the guys we are now further away from than we were before we even used it, which is stupid.

      I am completely fine with the stacks though it provides counter play, you can block/dodge roll a hell of a lot of damage, its not like daggers are alone it that.

      I like the idea of a spear throw as w, you could have one like you mention that gives you a buff and does a small amount of damage and do away with our other w and a spear throw that takes movement speed buffs off and gives them to you.
    • i agree, a 2sec channeled movespeed buff is, pardon me, utterly retarded and a lazy try to buff spears a bit, just rename a skill and change the buffs on it, good f'in job... not.

      please devs, sit down once again and try to come up with something proper this time. even putting movespeed buff back on 3stack spiritspear drop with the new criple would make spears more viable than they are now.

      @Retroman @Korn @whoeverisresponsibleforthislazy''buff''
    • Agreed. Terrible skill due to the fact you have to be immobile to make yourself more mobile... brilliant!

      Id prefer it be an instant cast and the speed increases over time much like wonderlust on boots.

      Perhaps something like:
      7 sec skill duration; building up to full movement speed buff after 2 secs. So you get 5 secs of max speed increase.