Gatherer Backpacks

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  • Gatherer Backpacks

    Would be nice if the gathering backpacks where non specific to the materials they hold. I am a T8 gatherer but I have also leveled cloth and skinning as I like to hang in the swamp and get mainly farm the trees but I will stop for the rare spawns of the others. I understand that the bonuses for gathering should be skill specific and think its a great way to specialize in one as I am a lumberjack first. However, I don't see why the backpack needs to be specific to the gathering skill. It would be nice if they lowered the weight on all things under the tier backpack; as in, if I have have tier 4 backpack all materials T4 and less would be half the weight.

    #gatheringproblems :saint:
  • would actually be way better than the current system.
    Now, you either equip a cape giving you mana and some buffs, or you equip a specific ressource gathering backpack. There is no in between.
    How about some simple "ressource backpack" reducing the weight of all ressources, but less so.
    Like, those at the moment have a (30%?) weight reduction, why not make one that has 20% flat for every ressource?
    Gatherers could carry more, Gankers could loot more.
    Its a Win - Win for all sides involved
    (and if you choose to go 1 ressource specifically, you can equip that backpack of that ressource for increased weight loss.