Nerf on Arcane, Buff on tanks

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    • Nerf on Arcane, Buff on tanks

      This post is just about my opinion about what i've seen in the patch notes, and what i've experienced on the test servers so far, also, surprisingly, i dindn't see anyone talking about it

      So first, i'd like to talk about the arcane nerf on PvE :
      Yes we could say that the arcane has been buffed (even if the abilities they added are not good enough : New q is worse than shield is pvp or pve and new w can't replace the damage boost)
      But, there's something that passed a little bit unremakerd : the Huge shield nerf in PvE :

      Giving a shield to a mob's target will now cause aggression proportional to the shield's strength, bringing it in line with healing.

      The problem is it doesnt bring it in line with healing, now the shield just generates way too much aggro. Indeed, i tried it out a bit with friends, when i shielded just one friend with my q the mob would instantly change the aggro and focus on me, thus the shield wouldn't tank anything because the mob changed his target. I can understand that shields were being too op, but the aggro it generates is unbalanced and it makes arcane support just unplayable in PvE and i'm just sad that it's still getting another nerf, like it's not even played a lot and it keeps getting nerfed.

      I think the solution to make shields more balanced in PvE would be to generate the aggro depending on the damage the shield tanked instead of generating it depending on the amount of shield you gave to the player.

      For exemple : If i put a shield on the player who has the aggro and he doesn't take damage, it doesn't generates any aggro. However, if he takes 200 damage(and thus the shield tanks 200 damage) it will generate the same amount of aggro as a healer who healed 200.
      By changing this, it would make it balanced, even if it would, sadly, still nerf the arcane in PvE (y tho).

      Then there is this huge buff to tank in ZvZ.

      What buff you're gunna ask me, well this buff is the addition of the invisibility potion. Now tanks to it tanks will be able to engage while nobody will be able to see the. No more windwalls, no more counterplays, the team will just get stuned/rooted/silenced.
      This is just too strong, the power of engage that takes you by surprise is just way to overpowered.
      I've played against tanks using the delayed teleport and or the invisibility(while it was on the leather chestplate, thus providing less tanking ability) and it has been a no match everytime because if the tank had the follow up, well you would get CC'd and just take all the burst and die.
      Even if this buff isn't that useful on 5v5 fights(GvG or HG), it will really impact the zerg versus zerg fights and making it much more unbalanced.

      Thanks for reading this, tell me if you agree or think otherwise.

      Ad Dolores #1
    • As zvz tank, i can say that using invisibility potion for intiation is the worst idea ever
      Tanks as heavy players have only one save in helmet or boots and potion is the save of last hope

      If u r good enough u can always find a way to engage without problems, your pt members should have knight helmets for you.

      U r dying against good initiation-combowomboaoe cuz of bad arcanes or healers in your raid or u have no outpull in setup.

      Invisibility potions will be used only by stupid tanks.
      AKe1a - AKi | Nilfgaard
    • Invisibility will be used much as it was in earlier tests - as an pve aggro dump by dps players that don't want to wear the assassin armor or the mercenary boots.

      Keep in mind that there are a growing number of AOE effects that reveal invisible targets. From a pvp perspective, it is not a play without counters.
    • DerFetteNinja schrieb:

      Ugh, does Arcane really get a nerf or even a complete rework?

      It seems like im again lost on the way to find my class...
      Inclined to agree. They've added dps skills and nerfed shielding, when they needed to make shield spam more viable (ie, reduce the cooldown). This would have allowed Arcane to be a pseudo-healer while not using Empowering beam.

      Instead, they gave it dps skills when there are already three other dps staves to choose from.

      Ah, well. I'm hearing good things about the bow in Hector. Perhaps I'll shift to that.
    • think y'all are forgetting that most arcane builds run knight plate. knight chest naturally draws more hate no matter the size of the shield. Actually if u were to take a cloth arcane(who actually has larger shields) and a plate arcane, the plate will draw the most aggro, at least the last time I looked at the numbers, thats the way it seemed
      With that said, pve arcane tank could be a thing

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    • Arcane can now tank pve, making the runs faster, since the tank is unnessecary. Energy drain plus stalling slam takes bosses to zero energy. For zvz having a arcane support in the backline grants increased damage aswell as infinite mana sustain.

      If u didnt use a blackhole for farming early (start of beta) on ur doing something wrong. Since it is the only aoe pull available early, not being forced too have a tank that keeps the aggro enables a 5 men group to take another dps and farm even faster.

      What do I know right? Just because we started to draw aggro this aint a nerf at all...

      All the nerfs arcane recieved is based on community feedback and videos of arcane beam oneshot compilations afterall. If the general arcane mage population thinks that arcane is in dire need of a change,then instead of attacking another person with guesses, try to voice ur opinion on why it needs the change. Much like the op did.
    • Posted it on the other thread but ya

      1. Honestly even in full plate as arcane I rarely had energy management issues.

      • New ability: Energy Bolt on Q Slot
      • New ability: Energy Beam on W Slot
      Any chance we could combine bolt and beam into one spell on the Q spot ? If on enemy it drains and on friendly provides energy ? I just dont see anyone using Energy Beam over Empowering or Purge on the W, but I love the concept.

      2. Magic Sphere - cool new spell but I still dont see this staff used much. The MR doesnt feel like that great of an increase and its for only seconds. I would move the detect invis to the "q" shield and give magic sphere a energy regen, magic reflect, speed run increase or something.
      Brew master of the Mithril Warhammers
    • What I would like to see

      -for magic sphere is a 75% percent armor and magic resistance buff of the current value foe magic resistance and more drain of energy while the sphered ally recieves the energy drained. Thus it becomes less situational and can be used on tanks to grant them energy back.

      Already tried w-slot beam and after one beam plus royal armor drain, a healer that casted one w-ability (only tested against holy) will be forced to spam q for the rest of the fight. (This obvisouly includes the arcane staff keeping the drain up.) I do agree on the concept being something fresh and personaly fell in love with it.

      How does a energy burn effect for arcane staff sound that deals damage based on the energy drained? Or how based on the energy replenished (on enemies)

      For example:

      Overload: Replenishes the targets full energy, for each energy point replenished he takes x damage.

    • enough of the armor buffs and shields, shields are OP already as it is, and i mean actual bubble shields not the off hand shield that was recently nerfd for some odd reason. Going to be interesting how many people will put that energy drain on their W seeing how many useful abilities it already has on that slot.

      The mana thing on the q probably wont be used at all since the q shield is so much better and gives a gigantic protection bubble vs some mana that you can already get on helmets and other armor pieces.

      @Substanz_D or some reason i cant insert your quote here.
      Already tried w-slot beam and after one beam plus royal armor drain, a healer that casted one w-ability (only tested against holy) will be forced to spam q for the rest of the fight. (This obvisouly includes the arcane staff keeping the drain up.) I do agree on the concept being something fresh and personaly fell in love with it.

      Its prob not very realistic that an arcane will be mana drain beaming someone and have another tank using royal drain chest on same target, mostly because the royal mana drain chest is super weak and drains almost no mana and the beam shouldn't be used much since it can either be interrupted or wasted depending how far away they are beaming from. I think 90% of the w slot abilities are more useful then the beam currently.

      Now if you put that beam on the Q slot, that would really make this interesting :)

      I would love to see mana drain on weapons, then it would really be interesting, like elder scrolls online had it on the bow, both for siphon mana and hp and it worked really well.
    • im still not sure why we have limitations on our weapon slots besides the ultimate, i would love to be able to mix and match my abilities say from w slot onto the q and vice versa, i know its a balancing issue, but it makes sense, having 1 or 2 abilities on a q slot and 100 on w slot never made any sense.

      Would love to see .1 bow have a siphon or a man drain ability would fit in very well with auto attacking dps scheme, hopefully this is the beginning of good things to come and not more of the same old same old.
    • When i saw the changes i liked them... Arcane with even more options.

      Looking forward to see them in action.

      Only thing i miss. Arcane Passiv faster casting for the option to play it as a DPS. (Moving Fizzle to Q would be to op then but would love it :P).
      For normal W nuking the 66% speed buff would be mandatory.. without it noone will ever pick Frazzle or what ever its called :D.