Revolutionary economic system and organization.

  • Revolutionary economic system and organization.

    Hello developers os Albion, congratulations for the great game. :D

    I would like to make a great sugestion about the economy in the game. if implemented will be a big and great change in the game, but also a great tool, for players and the interprise.
    So, lets beggining speaking about the system already implemented in the game.

    Albion has a amazing economy system. Players really need to work, and some cases work hard to make money in the game. in medium and highier tiers like T5 and over, we beggin to change the way we play albion.

    Over tier 6, we beggin to lose our itens if we die for other players, and that creats a demand for resources, but the high point of the economy in albion is that, for almost everything has a demand for resoucers, all the time.

    The sugestion i woulld like to do is:
    I believe that could be a great implemente a market system in the game or website, that the players could sell his gold coin for real money.
    You can think that might generate some problens, but its just overcoming problems, at least, in my point of view.

    Questions about ?(

    " How could i do that without make the game lose his fun and become a Pay2win game or too easy? " ?( ?(
    So, that can be maked by using the economic system already implemented in the game.
    The constroctions creates demand for the resources, and when players die and lost their itens or even have their constructions destroyed, this creates a new demand for resource. There is even another Aggravating thing that help economic estabilization in the game. When in PVP, a player drop an item and this create the chance that the item droped by the other player be destroyed.
    When the item is distroyed, the silver and the resources desapears of the game, preventing excess items in the Auction house. This mecanism can stabilize the economy.

    " How this System could Work?" ?(
    1 - Albion will stay selling his veteran package and etc.
    2 - Albion will not stay selling gold online, now players will sell it and albion will set a tax to receive for each transaction.
    3 - Players that sell gold for other players will receive in real money (the current system for buy and sell money will stay too, the diference is what the player will receive return)
    4 - To substitute to the system of sell gold online, a possibility would be create a cosmetic itens to sell (that the only atribute is Beautify the game) in your market and only can be buyed there, and only the buyer can use.

    Example situation:
    Imagine that one player already Tier 6 or 7,has achieved with hard work, colleting and selling resource and itens, 2500 gold coins , equivalent to one month of premium.
    and then he have 3 options: sell and receive silver, sell and receive real money, o sell and buy another month of premium.
    If he choose sell to receive real money, the albion site will make the transaction e and receive a tax for this.
    Exemple : the player sell 2500 to x$ so them he will receive x$ - (albion tax) = Money.

    This ideia need to be refined, but the concept is here, i wish that you think about and contact me if you need something. ^^
    I believe that this possibility could even atract players to find a "job" and it would increase as financial transactions.

    Thank you for the attention! :thumbsup: