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  • Time Balance


    The time allotted for me to game is rather limited these days and I don't see that changing for some time. I tried to stay away from gaming and I realized my stress level increased drastically, gaming helps me relax and unwind. I like playing sandbox games and the ability to play on any platform appeals to me, which makes Albion Online a great choice. I started playing and quickly realized I wanted to do everything; craft, gather, pve, pvp, private island etc... I have quickly noticed with my limited time that is simply not possible. At best I will have ten hours a week to play.

    My question is: how much can I reasonably do on the skills tree with limited time play? eg: 1 gathering and crafting profession...2 gathering, some pvp and no crafting..

    I was crunching the numbers on my own and realized I don't have enough experience with the game for my numbers to be reliable...so figured I would ask you :)

    Your guidance is greatly appreciated.
  • Gathering : Takes a lot of time. A profitable gathering session, without guild territories, can be 2 hours long. So forget about that.

    Crafting : You can log in, do stuff, log-out. No strings attached.

    PVP: You can spend 2 hours travelling the world in a pvp roaming. You can spend all day ganking.

    PVE : Log in, run a dungeon, log out. But that's broken. PVE is not worth it in this game.

    Farming: Passive progression. Log-in, do whatever you guys do to grow things, and you're off.

    Bottom-line, if you don't have enough of time, forget about PVP and gathering.
  • Sounds like PvE once fixed, crafting and farming :)

    Also, forgot to mention due to my lack of time I can invest up to $350 a month for gold. I figure that way I can keep up and have fun with my guild members who can play a lot more than I. Does that change anything? How many skills do you think I can master at once? Should I just focus on one, say be the best swordsmith in the land or could I manage more?

    Thank you :)
  • $350 in gold is roughly 20 million silver currently at 250 silver per gold. You probably will make gold price drop if you drop that much into the system at once though.

    If you do focus one line and say swords - you could probably max your line by buying the mats. To say you'll be the best swordsmith is very farfetched, because skill gain in this game is not the limiting factor, but rather the resources it takes to make the item. Which even if you have the money for the resources - there are no resources to buy.

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  • The specialisation is not powerful enough to matter in crafting. You can craft all you want, any low level crafter is almost equivalent. Hell, if he plays more than you he can also gather mats and sell at a lower price than material costs for you.

    You can't acquire weapon specialisation passively, you have to combat in pve.

    The only thing gold will help you with is crafting, you can buy silver and level up your crafting with mats you buy. But I don't think that's profitable. You will probably be loosing silver in the end.

    Last beta was great for casual players. With premium you could stack up learning points and level-up anything right away. Now you HAVE to grind, which is totally ruining it for casuals.
    This was a great aspect of the game : putting casual players on the same level than hardcore ones. Now casual players can't compete with the hardcores. The latter had the choice of either level-up faster, or branch-out. Now it's a grind fest so don't think about competing with no-lifers.