Expedition - roles are broken

    • Why can't we just pick our role when we que up instead of it being decided by chest piece? The current system discourages hybrids and the utility they bring. For example I use Royal Helm + soldier chest + Knight + claws at the moment. In groups I am a durable DPS with group utility ( stun, shield, offtank, 20% damage amp from sunder stacks). I help add further mitigation to my group that allows bigger/safer pulls at the expense of almost no time to kill loss vs a leather user and around 1/3 more time to kill vs cloth.

      If anything I believe the role system should be restricted to:
      1. Tank - Weapon with threat bonus + Plate chest
      2. Healer - Weapon that can heal + cloth chest
      3. DPS - Any weapon + armor combo that doesn't fall into the spectrum of tank or healer
      Tanks and healers as they are now are pretty rigid since there doesn't seem to be any alternative to pure mitigation tanking / threat, or flat hp recovery / heal power healing ( alternatives like damage block, evasion , life leech healing etc). Since this game doesn't seem to incorporate enrage timers or other bleeding edge DPS mechanics DPS are open to far more combinations. DPS can fill roles of pure DPS, DPS/Support, or DPS/Defensive while still adding value to the group.
    • Arcane has a huge problem with being assigned the tank role as well. I agree that being able to choose your role is important, but it would also be helpful if there were a few more roles to choose from.

      Part of the problem is that there are a number of 'classes' that don't do any particular thing with any particular consistency.

      Take Arcane. Where do you put it? It's got some weak shields on a 5 second cooldown, a dps buff on a 15 second cooldown, and auto attack the rest of the time. It's not a tank, it's not a healer, it's not a buff-bot, and it's certainly not dps.

      That's not saying that Arcane has nothing to offer (although with the Arcane Beam nerf that's something of an open question), but that it's really hard to categorize neatly.