hUMBLE bEAST (Hardcore)(No Application Needed) (Discord Below)

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  • hUMBLE bEAST (Hardcore)(No Application Needed) (Discord Below)

    We endeavor to develop not only the best guild in albion, from a competitive perspective, but also throughout the rest of the game by Providing the most for our members in terms of education about the game, help with the acquisition of high cost items, as well as a generally safe and fun place to game.

    To accomplish this there will be put in place a command structure comprised of Specialists in every area of the game from pvp and every role within pvp to pve and crafting. through a delegation of roles and responsibilities we will be able to accomplish everything we want to within the game.

    As a first step we want to galvanize a culture of dedication humility teamwork maturity drive self-control integrity and unity. It is on the back of these traits that we will be elevated to victory.
    10 Commandments of HB
    1. we believe perfection is the inevitable product of practice (dedicated)
    2. we have a common goal that is to win always (team win over individual success)
    3. our pride is in our team (no individual ego)
    4. we communicate (teamwork)
    5. we know when to have fun and when to be serious (maturity)
    6. we recognize our own mistakes and improve upon them (progression)
    7. we are or soon will be the best (drive)
    8. we are professional (self-control)
    9. we do not believe in cheating (integrity)
    10. we are a brotherhood (unity)

    We are aware that this is kinda intense however we view intentional mediocrity as laziness. IT IS FUN TO WIN!
    Also humor is encouraged! Our discord has a Humor thread specifically for sharing fun and funny things.
    Hope you are as excited to dominate the albion landscape as much as I am.
    This is our discord info Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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