Guild Hall vs. 4 Houses

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    • Guild Hall vs. 4 Houses

      Is there any advantage to creating 4 houses on a guild island where the guild hall would go? I recently joined a guild that had this setup. I always thought that the guild hall was a no-brainer for the huge amount of space it has for chests/laborers/etc, but maybe I'm not considering something. What are the pros/cons for choosing 4 houses over a guild hall?
    • Guild hall is easier to manage.

      For normal houses, if you use 3 laborers, 1 trophy per type will be not enough, but with 2 trophies you kinda waste space.
      With guild-hall that waste is a lot less (since for 15 laborers, you'll need to stick to 8 trophies instead of 10)

      No to mention that it's more compact overall: 10-15 laborers in one place instead of 5 different houses.

      Aaand, a guild-hall only needs 2x2 space (=4) instead of 5, which you'd need for 5 houses

      only "con" I see is a bug:
      having hide-/mercenary-trophies in there have its' bonus divided among all laborers, but only give a (deminished) boost to the right ones.

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    • I know this is old, but here it is:

      Aside from less resources; The advantage comes from trophies and happiness optimization of various types of laborers:

      Each general trophy is 5 points for each laborer up to 3; so for say 10-12 laborers in a T5 guild hall, you would need 4 of each tier 2-5 (16) generalist trophies to achieve +20 Happiness.

      Each gathering trophy is 10 points for each laborer up to 3 of type specific; so lets say you have 10-12 laborers, even though only 1 of them happens to be a prospector you would still need 4 of each tier 2-5 (16) prospector trophies to achieve +40 Happiness. In other words the points are divided among all laborers regardless of type even though they are type specific.

      This leaves you hitting the furniture ceiling before you can max out the bonus.


      With 4-Houses you could have 1 or more of each gatherer -stonecutter separated by houses all optimized to +60 Happiness at T5 with less trophies and less resources.

      This may be a bug or unintended, but is currently the advantage...

      ...of course, there are other slots for houses on the guild island and you don't have to have all laborer types in the guild hall. ie just put crafting laborers in the Guild Hall and gathering, fishing, mercs in Houses!