No punishment for scamming/griefing/trolling/stealing

    • dyno schrieb:

      stop trying to take away the fun part of the game just because you lost something. next time? dont recruit people you dont trust enough.
      I think @'Director has since given up on this thread and maybe the forums all together. He seemed to be fishing for support, didn't catch anything and moved on. Hopefully for his sake he has learned from the experience.

      Don't leave a chest open, with a sign that says "Free Stuff", and then expect that someone won't come along and help themselves to it. I mean really, that is not even stealing by any stretch of the definition.
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    • Director schrieb:

      The admins have a history of things. You can be a shitty person irl and not get caught but the administrators of this game have the power to get people in trouble in this game.
      They do, but why should they bother? This is a sandbox for christ's sake - figure out how to deal with this on your own... thats the whole damn point of Sandbox = no hand holding...

      Director schrieb:

      Griefing a large player base should be bannable. Griefing is not strategic, it's makes people miserable. Look at the LoL community. People who afk in 30-60min games and make it a 4v5 get banned. It's very simple.
      Why should it be bannable? LoL is not a Sandbox - its a MOBA. Albion is a Sanbox!!! If you want MOBA rules - go play a MOBA. Play Sandbox for sandbox rules.

      Director schrieb:

      There's no point in a Recruits+ chest if anyone can instantly join a guild and take from it.
      See - you even answered your own question...

      How simple it is - if you think outside the box for once!
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    • Neu

      Peeps, seriously, you are in a sandbox environment.
      Just get away from themepark "hold my hand and protect me" kind of thinking.
      In a sandbox everything is and always should be possible. It's about freedom.
      Forming guilds and give people access to value should always be a matter of trust, and NOT a matter of "I click this button and if anyone takes anything I make a ticket and get it back because I'm the goodie hero...."
      It's a SANDBOX.
      Got scammed, griefed, killed? -> learn and improve, think... and please, never cry.
      It's that easy.
      :) smell the flowers while you can :)
    • Neu

      i would say its a feature of the game, if you want to jack the chest you can do it without account punishment, but you could mark the person as a thief in forum so everybody know, and whenever you see him, kill him, follow him, kill him again...but thats my opinion and i guess its way more fun, than just get your goods back and him banned
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    • Neu

      Bercilak schrieb:


      we are aware right now that Guild Management need more and better tools. Our priority so far has been on core game mechanics for release. However we have planned more improvements for guilds diretly after release. WIthout going into much details just a few rough areas where we want to work on:

      • Better management of resources
      • Better tracking of who delivers which resources for the guild
      • General more information about members (simple stuff like last login ...)
      • Better and easier rights management for guilds (custom rights can be set)

      Kind regards,
      We are waiting for this for so long...

      Would be nice to have a person in charge to put these changes to work asap.

      Thank you in advance.

      Bruno Roxo