1 hand dagger is underpowered

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    • That would be almost the same, but if you stack attackspeed with leather gear pieces you are better of with seconds, because you might be able to squeeze more hits into the same time...in pvp numer of hits migth still be better since you might not land all your hits - targets move and range is the shortest available...coming to the conclusion : a weapon so dependent on shortest-rangend autohits needs a way to pesistemtly stick close to the target rather than a dash...
    • The reason why the E poison is the worst in AO is because it is single target, melee, auto-attack shit. and no one stands infront of you

      so i think this skill needs to be aoe type or ranged.
      e.g aoe poison, throwing knife . BTW, I miss the throwing knife line in alpha.

      Tyrannosaurus-rex / Rest in Pieces
      Chill out, Dickwad
    • Hoppla schrieb:

      1h dagger or 1h sword same stuff -- not point using it if you can affort the artefact 1h weapon...(bloodletter or clarent blade)..

      Thats true for most "artefact weapons" (with some exceptions ofc).
      broadsword is way stronger than clarent blade.

      base 1h type of weapons (axe sword mace dagger) are really pve focused, and have strong power in duels if enemy dont know how to disengage properly
    • Damn why did amost of the top gvg teams used clarent blade instead of 1h swords...well any idea?
      The aoe pressure dmg part of the clarentsblade is far more important and hard to counter, instead of the small extra interrupt of the boardsword, which helps ofc soloing mini bosses or killing single noobs in duels.
    • I had been using 1h dagger during whole final beta, it really needs to be buffed atm, and spell E only works for the enemies who have no movement-boostting spell. Once the E is activated, i could just run away and wait for 5 seconds. Actually it can be buffed just by increasing duration, or reducing the cool down.
      And Assassinate spirit is also kind of underpowered, it has the same problem as E does, I doubt that "Reducing your Physical/Magical resistence is necessary as a high-tier spell. Really hope this weapon could be reworked.
    • Sebrent schrieb:

      What if they changed the E on dagger to be "X hits" instead of "for Y seconds"?
      During beta 1 the one handed dagger was based on giving you 5 hits of poison. I think you had around 10 seconds to do your damage before it went on cooldown.

      I've suggested countless ideas for buffs/changes to dagger, but the devs don't seem to care or understand the problem.

      It's sad because the only weapon I can actually stand playing is in fact the one handed dagger.

      I fucking pioneered the one handed dagger build during beta 1, and haven't used anything since just simply because I enjoy the playstyle. Maybe a slow effect on the E could be a push in the right direction?

    • The problem with daggers is that you have no CC, unlike other melee weapons, but you get nothing in return. Daggers have low damage without E, 1h or duals. And using E is very predictable. I kite another people with daggers in duels.As soon as a 1h dagger user uses E - you just run away for 5 seconds, after this a warbow user will outdps him while shooting right in his face. With dual daggers people kite to wait for AS/SA stacks to fall off. Reflects work too. While for some reason hunter's hood reflect do not affect, say, magic arrow, all dagger damage gets reflected. As it is now, 1h dagger can provide a decent burst with lots of attack speed, but the problem is that after only 5 seconds of E the damage falls down alot, and by the end of the Hunter's jacket active dagger user will not be able to burst anyone fast for the next minute. In small scale pvp people will try to peel you off of your target, so this is a problem, yes. But the bigger problem is that they can use retaliate, iceblock and one of the many abilities which can either reflect damage or block it completely, whey won't need their team to react and it will nullify 1h burst completely. And 1h dagger user needs hunter's jacket for a decent burst.

      So 1h dagger has about the same damage as other weapons while being more easy to counter, and providing nothing instead of CCs most melee weapons have.
    • The guy above said it right. On the flip side I spent a good hour crunching numbers on attack speed and damage % bonus with the 1h dagger in mind. While using royal hood for the 50-60% damage buff, hunters jacket for the 60% attack speed and 10% damage buff, and the royal sandels for the 20% damage buff.... I was able to produce these numbers on fighting people: T4 Only!
      attack speed: 2.1
      auto attack: 118
      Bleed: 60 per 1.5/s
      Poison from daggers ability: 184
      That being said those numbers are with 0 stacks of assassin spirit. Which stacks another 90% auto attack damage and 36% attack speed.

      Do the math- if your decent with activating cool downs... it's not horrible.. it's HUGE burst dps; though it's easily countered. I was able to walk up to people who wanted to fight in hell gates in a 2v1 situation I was able to burst down one person in about 3 sec flat. Sure had they had a clue what I was about to do I'm sure they would have CC'd or used reflection. It's only really viable in the fact it's burst is surprising.
    • I find that 1h daggers are weak simply because they don't synergize with anything except doing Boss Battles. (Which can be pretty sweet)

      Right now Hunter Gear consists of
      Headpiece: Reflect Magic Damage for X seconds
      Chest Piece: 60% AS + 10% Dmg
      Boots: 60% MS for 7 Seconds
      With E that gives X dmg for 5 seconds all of the abilities pair up nicely.

      I think a great way to buff the "E" ability, at least for PVP, is to give it a 1 second debuff that gives a 5% Slow, and disables all movement abilities (so at least they can chase down targets)

      While this is a great fix, I think the real issue is that daggers have an identity crises.

      The daggers don't do what you expect them to do.
      1h daggers symbolize mobility and burst, and instead we get DPS
      The Dual daggers represent Burst + AoE, and instead we get a charged nuke ability
      The Claws represent Burst + CC and they do (good job!)
      The giant bloodletter represents DPS and instead we get an execution ability
      The glove represents....an off hand equipment (like the torch) providing CC + Mobility...and instead we get a main hand weapon lmao.