My Opinions on the game!

  • My Opinions on the game!

    Hello dear Albion players!

    This is my first beta play threw, I enjoy every second of it.

    1.My fears for the game is that it does not take to long to climb threw Tiers! In which can take away the thrill of looting other players in red/black zones. This also pertains to the loot of monsters(certain monsters drop gear). A solution to this is to take away the learning points. I feel it was a great idea for BETA! But for official launch of the game, this needs to go. If not, just give 5 points a day, or even 10. I know some players might not like this idea, but we all want the game to last don't we? Lets make that happen.

    2.I feel we need to address something with guilds, currently the game feels very 1 sided when it comes to territories and guilds. Maybe it is a bad idea, but maybe have a limit cap on guilds? That way it's not always 1 guild who dominates the game world. This idea can have allot of discussion with other players who know more about it. I just notice it doesn't seem to fair.

    3.Black zones! I feel we risk so much going to the black zones, of course same with red zones! But we travel far to go to the black zones! Could we not make it more rewarding for some of the dungeons? This more pertains to the solo dungeons. They're not to rewarding, maybe we can throw more dungeons out on the map in the black zones and make the monsters somewhat worth killing for solo players.

    Let me know what you guys think! I really want this game to last! Lets all make that happen! :)