UPDATE: Fishing Predictions

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  • UPDATE: Fishing Predictions

    This are my list of prediction to the soonest upcoming update The Fishing skill:

    •There will be ponds in a swamp biome for fishing or maybe also in private or guild islands.

    •We can use "Canoe"(small wooden boat used for fishing) would be more fun if we havethis, maybe...

    •New foods to cook

    •Swimming???? Nahhhhh i know most of you will say "oh swimming is not fit or good lookig in AO" ok yep I see... I suggest what if putting portals in the ocean anywhere in the world of AO(like hellgates but since it is in the ocean so the portal must be in a landscape position not standing like the hellgate) in that portal you go to the deep sea by not swimming but standing and walk around in there you can see sea monsters you can kill to gather or maybe also to get baby for mount like killing a KING CRAB and it drops a crab baby for making and growing it to a mount(note:only those land fishes can be a mount)

    •In addition to going inside a portal by searching it in the ocean by using a Canoe in the world of AO, What if we can also use a ship? Yehh a bigger wooden boat where you can craft it with your guildmates in your territory and even upgrade it!!! So what is use with the ship?(its like a pirate ship) it is use to go and search for mystery islands or shall we say a chest(gold chest) and to do that it must be 20 players or guildmates inside the ship to go on an adventure of a lifetime!!!! :o but wait you can also encounter Reds with also a ship so it is good having a 20v20(like pirates fighting in the ship) So what if you lose you got wiped what will happen to your crafted guild ship? Well...leave it to the devs haha but i think it is fun though.... What you think guys? Yay or nay? :D

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  • New weapon line: Fish is love Fish hits hard
    • Fish on a stick (2h)
    • Rockfish (1h)
    • Surströmming (throwing 1h)
    I fear it may only be a private island acitvity, like farming. But i do hope for ponds and open world fishing.
    If it will be actual food, then how will it scale with farming products? As they are time gated, will fishing also be time gated?
    Curious to see the actual implementation.
  • I see this as a personal island thing too. I see fish being used and all the food types. Example soup,salad,pie,stew and sandwich. I also see it being used in alchemy as an ingredient.

    What I hope for is being used as a fertilizer in farming. Either to help increase the yield of a crop and a requirement to upgrade a farming plot to grow higher tier seeds.