Adjustment Needed For Yellow and Red Zones Risk

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  • Adjustment Needed For Yellow and Red Zones Risk

    Yellow zones currently feel too safe. There is little risk/reward for being in a yellow zone. The free-for-all areas (around chests and hell gates) are way more entertaining and serve as a great intro to PvP making the yellow zones even more meaningless. However, when a player starts venturing into red zones its like jumping off a cliff when going from yellow to red. You go from zero risk to huge risk. I would suggest that some of the risk / reward be taken out of the red zones and put into yellow. IE make red zones slightly less risky and yellow zones slightly more risky. This would make for a more....natural? transition into increased risk vs reward as you go from green to yellow to red. Currently its like no change from green to yellow and then suddenly red hits you in the face. I think doing something like increasing the enchanted resources and increasing hell gate spawn rates in yellow zones while also changing the rules so that a few random items are dropped from inventory upon death would make them more interesting and better prepare one for red zones. I think the risk reduction in red zones is needed to better differentiate them from black zones. I mean really right now there are basically two zones (green/yellow and red/black). Id like to see it more green, yellow, red, and black, in terms of risk/reward if that makes sense.
  • As a Crafter who just walks into yellow zones gathering as much mats as I too think it’s too safe. I’ve seen a bit more pvp but still think it’s too hard on people willing to pvp in the yellow zone and very easy on people who don't want to pvp. What if we had a system like how when you gather 10+ players it will show those players on the map? Why not make it so if you gather certain amount of mats that might equal 10k+ in silver or so be seen on the map? And why not upon being knocked out you can lose the resources you have gathered? On a stream I witness a streamer who was collecting mats in the yellow zone only to be continuously knocked out until his gear was destroyed. While it is a pvp gain neither player gained much at all. You could say that the people who attacked gained satisfaction but in all honesty I think that doesn’t always go as far as gaining resources. As it works now I think such a system would work out since if a player is downed he would drop resources and then the attackers would pick and up and leave…Hopefully lol.

    I’d like to get some feedback on this. This is my 2nd post and I’m still very new to the game and the forums. If I’m incorrect about anything please let me know. Feel free to tell me dumb as I’ll simply take it as you love the game and wouldn’t want stupid ideas being implemented.
  • remove yellow zones, turn them into red zones. if you want to introduce new players to pvp, you let them pvp. yellow actually dissuade pvp bc of the huge reputation penalties, flagging creates a big mark on your back (every stranger can target you but only you can fight back, your party cant help you), not being able to enter cities. why would you attack people if you cannot gain something from them (not being able to loot them), while you create a lot of negatives for yourself