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    What if there's an app where you just want to look or get updated of the Auction House in each cities and in that app your going to choose what city you want to see or get updated of the Auction house, where you can also look to your mails, like if you want to see who bought your crafted item or you just want to see if it was sold, where you also want to look at the Destiny Board to think for you next destiny to begin? I mean this app is just used for "Checking-in" the game so you want to get updated for the things you sold in the AH not just that, but while your off for work or something you can just use this app to see what is in your Mail whether it is a message that you have sold your expensive crafted item or just a message given to a guild or friend of yours in the game. Not just that but also to look at the Destiny Board to think of what is your next destiny to work with. And yeah this app is not for walking around the game it is only use to check or get updated to it like you know what I mean? So what you think guys?is this app helpful feel free to ask questions if you don't understand... :D Thank you :)

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