Expansion ideas

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    • Expansion ideas

      There is enough content in the current build to last a full time player about 8-12 months, with some variety built into that timeline.

      If it was my game, I would do a 6 month free major update after release, with more graphical additions, such as an optional personal and guild island upgrade (sidegrade) for vanity items, statues, forums, gardens, pagoda etc. To show off Bling and wealth and make it hard to achieve, to further show and give variety to those that are getting a bit bored with the same ole same ole.

      At 12 months (and every 12 months) a new Island or Continent. Which should be fairly easy to do, just add 2 or 3 or 4 new tiers. Simple math and tweaking to accomplish from the base plan you already have.

      In that expansion, I would introduce a new gathering resource, perhaps Mana. Which unlocks and is used in a new crafting line. With some existing crafting lines requiring the new Mana resource to make new items.

      Add a gem, or jewelry item piece, that adds simple things, so as to not be overpowering. But gives more variety and more crafting and trade possibilities.
      Could be as simple as various options to increase HP, Def, MR, CC, Regen of HP or Energy. Again not too powerful. But everyone would want it, and it opens up a lot of potential,

      The next expansion, could add a European flavor to it. (existing is Albion, being UK) expansion could be France/Gaul, then German and Low Countries, or Viking lands with the Viking mythology NPCs. And yes I used to play DAOC and that's getting close to it. But this trend could be a great flavor enhancer for many of your customer base.

      I personally would steer away from making the upper most resources so damn rare it becomes boring to gather and have t8 be able as rare as t7, and all the new tiers above that about the same. Just make new items more expensive in their cost in resources and bring out a bunch of new and sometimes even useless items that use the resources. Such as the vanity items on the islands above, siege weaponry, Defensive obstacles to use in GvG etc.
      Keep gathering fun at high tiers, without making it crazy easy to have high tier gear. There is a balance to be had there that does not have to be, make the resource so stupid rare that it is no longer fun to gather it,.
    • For me personally there is not enough content for 8-12 month. Theres content barely for 1 month. In my opinion they need to add start content right now if they want to release in summer. I have played barely for 2 weeks and im bored as hell. PVE content is boring, dungeons are small, no pvp, no interaction also reputation system stops me from doing what i want to do. I was so hooked with albion in beta 1, played several months. Beta 2 was a complete dissapointment, played barely for 1 week and now when we are in beta 3 i could easily say that even beta 1 had more content that we have right now. What i mean by content is that what is there to do when i log in to albion.