Being a casual

    • If you can keep premium activated, you will continue gaining learning points (you gain skill points as you use a skill, but you can use learning points to skip quickly to the next level), even when you aren't playing, which should help you level up skills.

      If you have limited time, it would be best to focus on a limited number of things - fighting, crafting, gathering, refining, farmings, etc. Learn to gather one or two materials and then learn to craft 3-4 things (that use those materials). For example, crafting cloth armor, helmets and boots only uses fibre, meaning you only need to learn one gathering and one refining skill.

      It is very useful to have premium activated at least when you are playing (bonus rewards for most things you do) - you can activate premium for short periods (one day, three days) if you are really limited in your play time and budget. For example, you could buy 3 days of premium, then not play for 3 weeks and then reactivate premium for another three days. (although you would lose the above-mentioned learning points for the non-premium periods).
    • I am sure there must be a way to play this game casually like the previous comment says. In 2017 not everyone has 8 hours a day, if the devs want to be successful they will find a way to make the casual game fun. Also don't forget that the full loot element will balance a lot the game and players need to see other players around the world if you want to have that open world pvp environment