[Suggestion] Inventory Storage and QoL Changes

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  • [Suggestion] Inventory Storage and QoL Changes

    The Suggestion:

    Part 1 - Of the 128 City/Guild Island Bank Chest Inventory Slots or the 64 House/Hall Inventory Slots per Chest, Allow a player to divide those inventory storage slots into separate tabs. Each tab would be a separate target area for sort or stack commands. To make this a bit easier, allow this division to be in increments of 16 inventory slots, with a maximum of 4 tabs (for ease of implementation with both types of chests). Maintain a unified weight, sum, between the tabs to show where the chest is at. By default, chests would start with a single tab, similar to how chests are now.

    Part 2 - Allow Users to select Tab Icons, similar to tab icons in shops, to communicate what they intend the inventory tab to be for.

    Part 3 - Allow each tab's permissions to be separate from one another for House/Hall Chests. If you want to add/ensure guild quality of life at this point, consider allowing permissions sets by guild rank. While guilds may want activity logging as well per tab, this is not my primary purpose in writing this suggestion, but would be a welcome change for those managing guild logistics.

    Part 4 - Since it hasn't been addressed satisfactorily in the past, allow for silver storage in house/hall furniture chests, so that we do not need to use a special permission set and building feed silver for inter-player currency transactions, given the players may not have similar play times and may not be in the same guild. I would prefer not to continue using a Tier 1 workbench as a silver chest and continue to need to use this less than immersive workaround.

    Thoughts behind the suggestion:

    Why: Today for the first time in all of beta testing (since November 2015), I have maintained split stacks of materials for different purposes/projects within the same storage location. With a glitch/crash of the game client, these various divisions of materials all stacked. While I could maintain multiple chests to achieve the same end, This would mean that I could only maintain a division of materials at either (1) my player house on my island, (2) a house/hall in a city, or (3) at a house/hall on a guild island. I want to be able to divide materials in each city to support various market activities, not wanting to be bound by the limitations of furniture chests.

    What I am doing: Up until this morning, I maintained inventory stacks for: (1) Transport to other cities, (2) Use for personal gear and building construction/maintenance, (3) For trade with the market given acceptable market conditions, (4) For crafting for resale on the market given acceptable market conditions.

    Future Impact: We have been told that Gear will stack similar to materials in the future, for better inventory and market management. For market minded players, being able to maintain separate tabs for gear to sell and gear to keep will likely prove important.
  • Chests with tab system would be huge QoL upgrade to everybody. All stuff are simply in better order. It would help so much to at least have own tabs for gears, resources, consumables, crafting materials, reserved materials, for transport, crab etc.

    If this all could be fully customable (naming tabs etc.) it would be even better. But selecting names from list could work too.

    Guilds could add permissions to different tabs, which will help guild management a lot.

    +2 to this suggestion
  • Indeed. I was going to suggest something similar in a new thread but since I found this one and nothing like this is yet implemented, I thought I might bump this one. Eve Online has a similar functionality with containers. I would slightly modify the OP suggestion by splitting the functionality in two parts:

    - have save-able filters (they could still appear as tabs): intention is to quickly see specific categories of stored items: gear, all leathers, all consumables etc.

    - containers (could be craftable/furniture): helps in organizing/separating items of the same type but with a different purpose, i.e. the different projects mentioned in the "Why" section of OP. Advantage compared to OP: no need to hard-set the division, total weight could still be kept fixed in the chest.