Bought game couple days ago, but can't play it

  • Bought game couple days ago, but can't play it

    Greetings AO community,

    I bought AO after watching a few streams, the brutal PVP system had me sold but unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy it myself.

    I've played for about 45 minutes, with close to 300fps but every 5-10 seconds I get what looks like a stutter in the graphics. My character kind of freezes for a second then it's back to normal. I've noticed when I get this stutter my FPS drops along with the MS. This has been happening in very low populated zones where I've only seen a few other players.

    Is this a common problem for players? Is it something Devs are aware of in beta? Or am I in the minority with this problem?

    Windows 10
    I5 4670k
    R9 290 4GB
    16GB RAMM
    1TB HD

    Really want to get in on the action =\.

    So I tried entering a city today with what looked like 150-200 other players on screen, the stuttering went a whole lot worse. After about a minute my character disappeared, with just my name above an invisible toon. Not sure what's causing these problems seeing as I don't have problems in any other games.

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  • FlapR wrote:

    Are all your drivers up to date?
    Checked my drivers, all up to date. Just had a game on Overwatch running Ultra settings with about 140FPS, tried reinstalling AO still the same stutters.

    Not sure if this is worth mentioning but when running HWMonitor I notice the GPU utilisation goes down to 0% a lot while playing albion.

    I've switched from bordless window to full screen, this has improved the issue but it's still happening [although not nearly as bad]

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  • FlapR wrote:

    Namus wrote:

    Why do you play with 300 fps? Limit fps to 60 because human eye cant see difference between 60 and 10000 or in other words 60 fps is limit of what human eye can see. By playing with 300 fps all you do is make your PC work harder and produce extra heat for no benefit.
    why facepalm? limiting FPS can actually help. i used to limit FPS on my laptop for Skyrim since i didnt like the cooler sounds when i was playing at 60 FPS.