Rep System on royals

  • Rep System on royals


    What the bloody hell... Can you get rid of this lame ass rep system?

    People who want pvp in red and yellow whom cannot amount enough players to zerg in the black are getting hit hard with this stupid Bullshit. As much as I love this game, its very tilted towards zergs and large numbers so guilds that have less then 20 people are basically screwed. We can goto the black and get our asses kicked by shear numbers or kick it on the royal cont but are crazy penalized....

    Not even flagged if u go into a pvp zone in the red and hit someone outside of it that is too close you lose rep even if ur not flagged. If your flagged and people are trying to down u even in yellow and u say use knight boots to shield yourself to run and not take damage u lose rep since its an action towards that hostile group (non flagged) attacking you.

    Not salty but hell this system is really tilted and geared towards nothing but zerging and any groups that have less then 20-50 members are screwed...I would hope the SBI group looks at all aspects but I honestly question if they have even played their own game

    Remove ur shitty rep system its crap, slowly losing faith in this game