Crafting Focus and non-premium?

  • Crafting Focus and non-premium?

    Hello, first time poster here! :)

    I had some thoughts about crafting focus and premium accounts! I really support this game because the premium accounts only add to progression speed and not actual power (at least as far as I have played and noticed, for these 2-3 days), and I really love that!

    One problem I have though is that it seems that Focus is only gained from having a premium account.

    Now people will say, "But ikee? Why is this bad?".

    Well, because 50 % of the crafting and refining perks are based off of focus, it seems slightly cheating to non-premium players that they will get punished for not being premium, and this is something any game wants to avoid right, we want to reward premium players, not penalize non premiums.

    My suggestion is to give a minor daily focus point to non premium, say +100, and premium users then getting 10x that at 1000 that it currently is. These numbers are of course just taken out of the blue and don't have much thought into them based on balance, but I feel that it would make the current point system at least APPEAR more fair.

    Sure, people will say "But ikee? You can buy premium for silver!".

    Yes this is true, but if you go down the path of a crafter or a gatherer as I have done, it kind of feels like you are *forced* into buying premium since again, 50 % of all my skills are based on a premium only feature. And noone wants to be *forced* to do anything in a game, it is better to be highly encouraged! :)

    Just my 2 cents, would love to hear other people's opinions!
  • I am okay with premium players getting a bonus. But when it turns into, 'you have to have it to keep up', Many would have to pay to keep premium. Adding to players not sticking around. Meaning less population overall.

    I've talked to people who have spent ( who claim) $400-$1,000 just in the last beta. Making it harder for non premium people will only push the " pay 2 win" idea more. WHICH KILLS GAMES! I can fund premium without real money, but many won't be able to. They need to quit pushing it towards pay to win, which is what they have been doing. I've been gaming for 30 years, I can see what they are doing. Want gold?
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  • Flanteus wrote:

    Skarnik wrote:

    No I disagree, subbbing supports the dev team to keep the game so they can keep rolling out content.... free riders should get sweet FA :)
    The game is not F2P...
    The game is not F2P. The system they have not is not full pay 2 win, but it is borderline P2W to line the devs pockets. I have talked to people that have claimed to of spent $1000 on this game. Maybe $300 on accounts and $700 on premium for those accounts. Something like that is crazy. Now I don't blame the devs for people spending that kind of money, but they do push for a system that makes you wanna. Want gold?
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  • I disagree. I hate subscription based games, others do as well. If they wanna add a DLC/ skin packs later down the road, so be it. But this isn't the style of game that should have a subscription, nor a pay to win system. Might be okay with you, but not most people. Want gold?
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  • Agreed this game is going to attract a lot of casual players on tablets and especially iPads.

    You need a high enough number of free players in order for paying players to want to continue sticking around.

    If the population gets low because most of the free players are gone then the game loses its longevity.

    Hopefully they also have cheaper deals that more casual players will give into; $10 starter pack gets you 14 days premium and a horse.
  • What free players/free riders nonsense!?
    The game is B2P, it will cost 30$ "minimum", everyone is paying for the game, sub or not, which is why I'm saying everyone should have full access to all "gameplay" features including focus/LP albeit at a lower rate for one is "free riding" anything.

    Also, Guild Wars 2 says hello.
  • Lobram wrote:

    Donaramu wrote:

    this isn't the style of game that should have a subscription, nor a pay to win system
    I hate to break this to you but most MMOs (at least the ones that I know of) either have a soft subscription where playing without it is extremely punishing or they have a pay to win system.
    Many do and many don't. Just because the MMOs you play have one, doesn't mean it's all or most, or that it is even a good idea. Sorry, but this game isn't wow, nor will it last nearly as long. Don't get me wrong, because I love the style of Albion, but the system they have right now will push a lot of people away...Sure people will be playing it years from now, clearly. but it's gonna be most of the same vets who just never moved on, and not new players coming in all the time. Trust me, I am good at reading these things Want gold?
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  • Sorry for necroing my own thread, didn't have time to check forums at all lately.

    Whether or not this game is pay to win (it still isn't, since you can't win by paying, you will only win faster) isn't really related though. The problem is, the game is branded as Buy 2 Play, and optional premium. To have perks and trees exclusively for Premium though is kind of sad though and doesn't really make the premium feel like an optional or nice thing...

    At this point you might as well rename it to "Regular" and "Free Loader" and kick the non paying players in the face straight instead of by hiding a mandatory subscription.

    For example, personally I quit playing Runescape because some features were "premium only" and felt like the game cheated on you.
  • It is pay to win. You will never catch a good player once they are ahead. I've made millions which others will never be able to make by being the only person who can craft certain items. Once more people can do it, all profit margins evaporate quickly. When someone is able to get ahead via real life cash early, they have paid to win. I am fine with it though, or at least have come to terms with it. Mostly because I am the one winning.