Minor changes - suggestion-

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  • Minor changes - suggestion-

    Short list:

    • Lunging Strike stops autoattack --> fix this, its a nuisance to first click the aoe, then click again to use, then click on the enemy again, to not lose the next auto attack
    • Forest of Spears --> channel time ticks one time too long for no additional strike. Animation counts 6 times (the green spears), but you only hit 5 times --> make it 6 dmg ticks or shorten the channel time
    • Rending Strike on boar: 115 + 3 x 7 bleed ticks = 136 total // Heroic Strike on boar: 138 total dmg --> make RS do less initial dmg and more bleed dmg + make HS do more flat dmg with increased cost
    • Sunder Armor's energy cost seems high, if this is intended this point is irrelevant. Otherwise reduce the cost slightly
    • "W" abilities feel lacking in dmg overall. I would like to see at least one different ability or an increase in dmg for Throwing Blades. TS could also be removed and put up for throwing weapons in the future, while offering another dmg skill for the dagger line
    • Claws Disembowel should put the bleed on the first hit, but the dot is applied with every hit so fast, that the real dmg only happens after the last hit --> make the dot start with the first hit
    • (wish) Claws looks differ from the icon. I personally find the in game model pretty ugly (specifically the hand plate, which does not cover the whole arm and is really big and clunky) and would prefer a more closer resemblance to the icon.
    • "Q" skill dmg is the lowest of all weapons. Maybe add a third skill with more dmg? If low dmg is intended for all "Q" skills, nevermind
    Where are the throwing weapons ?


    • Having played in the forest area mainly, i visited the savana recently and was under the impression, that hide mobs were more plentyful there than wood in the forest region. May have ran into continous clusters of hide mobs, but it seemed to offer more resources for less travel time (gut feeling)
    • Open world music stops playing without repeating + forest and savana biome music still pretty heavy and "negative", where it should be light and easy on the ear
    Gatherer Gear
    • Would like to see some dmg and defense buffs when fighting elemental mobs/ resource mobs --> lumberjack gets bonus dmg and def against wood elemtals (only!) , hide already got the active skill, but could be tuned around that or replaced, ...
    • Would like to see resources having a chance to drop gatherer artifacts, that can be crafted into gatherer artifact armors --> "stone wood bark" used to craft a wooden lumberjack armor / "razor hide" used to craft a sort of barbaric looking hunter armor ...
    City Plots
    • It would be fair to not put up all plots from day 1, so that players of all supporter tiers and some without can have a bid on day 2, 3, 4 ... You could place a 30 min bid rally for one plot and then let rng decide the winner (so that whales dont buy all plots and luck may yield you one) - that could be set for the plots enabled on day 4
    (maybe more to come)

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