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  • Feedback on Galahad


    Even tho I somewhat feel this is gonna be a wasted effort, i'll still point out a few things that imo will result in serious issues later on.
    This said I won't tackle into issues that are already clearly being handled such as gvg main territories, ui+qol.

    Dropping some quotes here to get started:

    Nov 11th 2016:

    Korn wrote:

    Hi all,

    thanks for all your feedback and input.

    After talking over it with the team once more, here is how we'd like to go ahead

    Mobs outside of green / yellow zones will continue to execute players

    Quality of loot for high end bosses will be improved significantly

    we will also, as already announced, remove the need to execute for PvP fights, i.e. players brought to 0 HP in PvP in red and black zones will instantly die. This change won't be ready in time for the Faye update though, but should follow shortly thereafter.
    All the best,

    After this something happened and suddenly devs wen't 180 degrees around. Mobs don't execute anymore and therefore farming fame is just ridicilously easy. You can max fame farm without any penalty. This does not add more pvp in to the game like devs hoped, just makes everyone able to yolo all the way through the dungeons no matter how badly you play. This results in everyone having way more gear also, the only time you can lose gear is by getting killed by players.

    Currently the only "danger" is to get knocked down by bugged mobs with broken aoe hitboxes. So yeah, PvE is worse than it has ever been due to this little change.

    The only argument iv seen to support no execution was to be able to make harder PvE content to the game and it would be unfair if the bosses would just massacre the teams. Just make the very big world bosses not execute, how about that? Let everything else in the red-black dungeons execute, simple as that.

    The argument that players don't commit to mistakes in dungeons isn't true at all. Anyone who roams around T7 blue dungeons currently with 3-4 man teams knows that even a small mistake will make you drop. Even a big group of 10 people can mess up easily when pulling for example 3 archers simultaniously. (Talking about current normal dungeon farm gear, flat 6 to 6.1)

    12th Feb 2017:

    Korn wrote:

    Fast travel exits, but only in and through safe zones where there is no PvP. You cannot use fast travel to bypass PvP zones.

    On top of that, fast travel costs are balanced in such a way that it becomes very expensive if you transport a lot of goods. This means that traders are well-advised to manually haul their goods or have somebody else do it for them.

    Fast travel costs are balanced in such a way that transporting goods manually with an Ox, even in green zones, saves you far more silver than you could earn in the same time if you did PvE grinding. We will be adding transportation contracts to the game going forward, and our balancing ensures that transporting goods for money will be a thing, even if it is just across green zones.
    Fast travel costs are nowhere near what has been said here. Also the whole reason why instant travel was kept was because it was removed during beta2 after the maps became insanely big and same goes for the world. All fast travel discussion was previously based on beta1 map. Now at Galahad we once again have no reason to haul materials from town to town, and even if we did, the price is so low compared to earnings in PvE.

    Beta 1 was like a 4 story building with an elevator.
    People said we don't need an elevator.
    Beta 2 was then build as a 12 story building with no elevator.
    People said too much walking
    -> Clearly indicates that fast travel is needed
    Beta 3 is a 4 story building with an elevator.

    This is the logic behind the "test" to remove instant travel.

    Item Drops:

    Setting up random gear drops was doomed to begin with and everyone knew that. However, the new black market system might solve the issue, but as we all know, the system is complicated and might blow up in your face. Hopefully this system will be successfully implemented so that the game becomes more balanced between pve, crafting, gathering and so forth.

    Map Design:

    Map design has gone vast improvements during the betas. However, the way resources have been distributed on biomes have been a complete failure.

    As an example, Swamp biome was supposed to be the best biome for gathering fiber. However, anyone who has reached T6+ fiber gather knows that the best areas are actually Steppe and after that Mountain.

    This is due to failing to understand that the swamps are massed with aggressive monsters and don't have the same type of insane resource clusters as steppe for example has. I have seen areas where you can fit 22 fiber nodes with-in your screen, those are in Steppe maps, not in swamps. Mountain biome can reach also decent amounts of fiber, however a lot less in terms of actual node amount compared to swamp. The real dif is between gather speed: in mountains you don't have to fight, in swamps you are constantly harassed by mobs and therefore it's a lot slower in the swamp.

    Also, T7 nodes can spawn in resource territories. Meaning that you can get a 320 / 320 T7 fiber for example in our territory which you can just safely gather while being afk. This however will never be true for leather gatherers.

    Other gather issues:

    Even with-out getting into the problem of current economy, we can still for example ask that whats the point in having leather gatherer gear? It's only viable if you skin in a group where you have a dedicated skinner and others kill the animals. Why doesn't the gathering gear in general give +dmg vs mobs but not vs players? We can even limit the +dmg to correct mob types to avoid any sort of gather gear use inside dungeons.

    Why are all the resources to imbalanced in terms of node placement and amount of aggressive mobs on biome?

    Tons of bugs to be squashed:

    Most of the bugs are getting squashed on a very slow pace, some bugs being as old as beta1.
    Mob hitboxes don't work properly, for example the Skeleton Melee which was supposed to be fixed in a patch a few days ago is still bugged.
    Spell hitboxes dont work properly, such as frostbomb.
    Glacial still has weird bugs in it.
    Maps have the invisible camp spawn spots that remove gallop mode when you touch them.
    Maps still and always had invisible walls or illogical blocks that stretch way further than its shown on screen.
    Players can get bugged on dungeon entrances when dead so that all loot disappear (or appear after several minutes of them being dead)
    Silver drops from mobs weirdly nowadays.

    Weapon Balancing

    is surely a difficult task, but not to the extent that we have seen on Albion. The way weapons are being balanced is always to buff to the sky or nerf to the ground, theres just no middle ground. Also, when a weapon "reaches what seems like a good place" its forgotten while everything else is being buffed and nerfed. Every buff and nerf affects every weapon in game and to me it seems like the ones doing the balancing are unaware of that.

    Why does nerfing weapon A affect weapons B C and D? Well, it's mainly seen when you start comparing dmg values and combination possibilities. During every beta there are weapons that basically no one uses because they are weak compared to a similarly working weapon that does the same job. Firestaff was one of these underwhelming weapons for a long time, 1handed dagger is still complete crap and has always been. All autoattack builds were for example destroyed just before beta3 start when the haste chest was nerfed to the ground. That single big nerf affected over 10 builds making most of them unplayable.

    So that the feedback isnt all negative:

    A lot of things have become way better during these betas:

    The world is actually nice, maps visually are nice looking. (<- major improvement)
    Game has become more varied in game styles
    Over all a lot more content than before
    Ding dong the witch is dead!

    Officer of Nilfgaard (Haamu's party)
  • Few adds:

    No mob execution policy also allowes players to yolo through mobs to run away from pvp. This system can be used to get away from pvp and even manage to get the attacking group aggroed by the mobs. Example of a trick like this:

    This doesn't promote good pvp or pve in any way and has only recently started happening after the no mob execution policy.
    Ding dong the witch is dead!

    Officer of Nilfgaard (Haamu's party)
  • pantuflah wrote:

    If they add mob execution, casual players will get frustrated => quit
    If they remove fast travel, casual players will don't want to spend 30+ travelling =>quit

    Agree with the other feedbacks.
    I myself am not worried about players that want to go back to play world or Warcraft or some other theme park game. I am worried about what you do in game actual mattering.

    If things are to easy then they really aren't worth much.
    Remove the following features: Fast Travel and Re-Roll.
    ( If you agree with me, copy my signature to help make this opinion more widespread. )
  • pantuflah wrote:

    If they add mob execution, casual players will get frustrated => quit
    If they remove fast travel, casual players will don't want to spend 30+ travelling =>quit

    Agree with the other feedbacks.
    Mobs used to execute and it didn't drive out casual players.
    After all the fights on the forums about removing fast travel, it would be reasonable to say that large enough population wants to keep some form of fast travel, so we could just compromise to naked fast travel to keep both parties happy. This would remove all possibilities of destroying the local markets and would remove the issue of balancing the silver costs.

    There has been several attemps to make the silver costs reasonable and all have failed, this is due to the fact that SBI is attempting to make solid payment for each resource and item you are carrying while fast traveling, when it should be dependant only on the prices of the cities in between you are fast traveling. However, the system would be difficult to place without having loop holes, so it would be just reasonable to allow naked travel and nothing else.

    1 more add to major concerns about the game:

    The current expedition system clearly kills a lot of the world population (traveling outside cities) and currently the prizes (fame,silver,sigil) for expeditions are way too high to reasonably push players to leave the cities.

    This argument has been made before and has not been counter argued reasonably even once: Since the expeditions were created to cater to casual players who might sometimes have only 30 mins or so to play, they require content they can quickly get into without excessive travel and party search, who does it hurt then if we limit the amount of expeditions per day to say 3?

    Since these casuals the system is catering won't have the time anyways, it's highly unlikely they will play over 3 times a day in 15-30 min cycles. Anytime they do actually have more time to play 1h+ they can easily have the time to venture into solo dungeons or get a party and do blue dungeons.

    Limiting expedition amount per day would force the players who are playing actively but don't care to move out to make the world alive again. Or the other solution is to keep expeditions limitless, but severely cut down on their rewards. Say down to 25% of normal mobs.

    Limiting the expeditions would also discourage botting slightly, but not remove the issue. Limitless expedition will always promote botting and everyone knows that you cannot and will not catch the sophisticated bots. You can surely catch well more than the majority of bots, but those who actually know a bit about programming bots can easily dodge detection. And those few individuals are a part of what will inflate the economy.
    Ding dong the witch is dead!

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  • I really want to feedback on the execution part mentioned by Korn, please do bring it back into the game.
    Way more risk is required outside of yellow zones Albion, I remember in beta 1 it was just plain perfect!

    Edit: But I do agree with the big boss encounters to a small degree.

    Jaxmin(Beta3) - Jamin(Beta1 & now)