simple alternative E spells

  • simple alternative E spells

    would it be possible to add a alternative flat damage E spell on some/all weapon lines ?

    healing/support/tank weapon lines can all be pretty horrible to try and solo with, a flat damage option(even if low damage so its not very competitive) could do alot to make the QoL of some wep lines better. im not talking a big damage spell, in many wep lines even the damage equivalent to another Q spell would do alot to help them out, but not make every weapon into a full burst line or break the intended meta for that wep line.

    the spell can be generic for all weps in that line(maces/holy/arcane/ect) and just give people a little more flexibility when they are trying to skill up any wep that may be more painful to solo with.

    again, the spell doesnt have to be a competitive option as an alternative for the normal E, just a little something to help them out