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    • Iron Bank - Board of Directors: Final Message
      8 minutes ago
      New To the Shareholders of the Iron Bank of Albion, and unto the several guilds and communities:
      Greetings and good fortune,
      I am writing unto you today to inform you of sundry events that have transpired over the course of this previous week ending August the 5th, 2017. In the morning hours of Sunday the 30th of July, 2017; a matter was brought to my attention by my Assistant Director of Ventures which turned out to be no small issue. Upon initial investigation, it seemed like perfectly valid attempts at bidding on our properties in Caerleon. However, myself never to easily put a thing to rest without prudent conclusions, I further investigated the issue. What transpired from thereon would lead me and several others down a very long, dark, and depressing rabbit hole.
      On Saturday the 29th of July, 2017, one TITTIESnBEER, approached the Iron Bank interested in friendly relations and potentially joining the Pay to Win alliance. He was informed that alliances were currently on the back burner but there could be several potentials in the future. After this matter was resolved he turned his inquiries to purchasing the bank's several plots in Caerleon. To the which, the bank kindly declined any offers. At this he began with bidding against us despite seeking diplomatic ties. The situation quickly went sour and cold. Please see attached: EXHIBIT A
      EXHIBIT A: pastebin.com/TgdT7xES
      And so this is where the rabbit hole begins, and what conclusions you draw from it, are entirely yours to decide. You are hereby forewarned that the evidence presented is entirely scandalous and damning in its content. I would like the members of the Iron Bank, and the community to fully understand the Bank's position from the onset of these matters, was to permit the development team time to respond, whilst also maintaining the status quo with regards to our own internal integrity. It was the Bank's desire that the development team do what was equitable and just, and sadly they did not do that, rather they compounded the issue entirely and made a blunder of it all, as was expected of them. Therefor I find myself writing unto all of you, left with no further recourse.
      Let us pick this back up on the morning of Sunday the 30th of July, 2017. After being informed that one BikiniPandaCOM was bidding on our plots, my Assistant Director of Ventures requested my opinion on our current positions and if I would authorize him to begin outbidding several others in the northern districts of Caerleon. At which I had a suspicion that something was afoot. I informed him that we needed to further investigate our plots, and after a few calculations determine several averages and projections, and to cease from bidding on other plots to hedge our current positions safely and firmly. He advised me that BikiniPandaCOM's bids did not match up with averages of Caerleon, and that the bids were extremely exhorbient.
      Instinctively, I regarded this as TITTIESnBEER's doing, that these bids were linked to him. After careful investigation of the Killboard and in-game confirmations, I quickly concluded he was indeed in league and connected with BikiniPandaCOM, both being members of WuDangMountain. It is at this point that a chill crawled up my back, something wasn't right. But what could it be? I decided to open up Chrome, go to Google, and request from the Hive Overlord itself any information on BikiniPandaCOM. The Hive Overlord informed me that he had been expecting me, and asked me to take a seat, light a cigarette, and that I was not permitted to overreact, to shout, or to race to conclusions. After I humbly accepted, the Overlord spoke, and my eyes were open, and I began to see.
      He showed me how everything was right in front of me, this entire time. How much of a fool I was. He informed me that BikiniPandaCOM, merely means [bikinipanda.com] , and that my foe was no mere player at all, but an underground Chinese criminal operation, that participates in credit card theft, frivolous transaction schemes, power leveling services, virtual asset acquisition, gold selling, and many other dubious activities within other titles such as Overwatch and Black Desert Online. I quickly informed my Assistant Director of Ventures the sad news the Overlord delivered to me. He instantly was beside himself, outraged, which was his right to do. And, as I had during that dark revelation, began racing to possibilities and conclusions. Please see attached: EXHIBIT B
      EXHIBIT B: [imgur.com/a/Hi8NH]
    • We quickly realized the sensitive nature of what information we just unearthed. I called for a meeting of all the Directors as well as our Guildmaster, to brief them on the issue at hand, the outcomes and the possibilities, as well as our positions. The news as expected, devastated all of them. I quickly rallied their spirits and told them that we must do what is proper for the sake of the Bank, and we must decide what to do. I advised our Guildmaster @Sharka, that the enemy was attempting to break us, but that we needed to inform the development team. The situation went completely critical from that point on. We were all sworn to secrecy, and that if any of this got out, the impact would be entirely chaos, not just within the Bank, but the several other guilds, and the community as a whole.
      After filing a ticket with the development team, and the Directors private messaging the several members of the development team and staff, and on Discord via the Round Table, we arrived at the issue of what to do about the plots. If we did not maintain our positions, the Bank would fall apart, and internal integrity would dissolve. However if we went ahead and directly faced the Chinese criminals, we would stand to leverage roughly 40% of our total capital on hand, and such a giant shift in liquidation would disturb the market as a whole, as well as start a clock as to explaining to our founder members where the capital went and why, a most precarious position to find one's self in. We were damned if we do, and damned if we didn't. Please see attached: EXHIBIT C
      EXHIBIT C: [imgur.com/x2ZyqQt]
      Eventually we opted to, literally speaking, buy the development team time. So the Iron Bank liquidated and placed the needed bids totaling 97,888,898 silver. We were not about to let these Chinese criminals break the Bank. It was quite the sting of my entire PC gaming life, knowing that we just used game mechanics and the Bank's hard work, to fight illegitimate players, illegitimate bids, and potentially, actual criminals. After this the Directors came together and voted on what to do in regards to any answers from the development team. We quickly concluded that the gold used was rightfully the property of our founding members, and that the exhorbient bids were illegitimate, and that we should request the development team to return the gold we had to convert against the difference of the highest true bid from a legitimate player. We further concluded that on that basis, they would need to furnish a response as to what they would change in-game, because this issue will only re-materialize under a new player name, a month later. I will provide you some figures and calculations in regards to the above:
      Total Bids: 97,888,898 silver. Average Price of Gold at Time: 170 silver Price of 21,000 Gold in Shop: 99.95$
      97,888,898/170=575,817 gold. 575,817/21000=27.4199 packages of gold. 27.4199*99.95=2,740.61$ in approximate valuation.
      Please see attached: EXHIBIT D
      EXHIBIT D: [bit.ly/2wtMdWZ]
      With that, you should be able to discern the precarious position not only we, but you, and everyone else is in, in regards to holding land in-game. Not only can you be declared economic war upon by other legitimate players, who can slide a credit card and send you to the guillotine, you are also in great peril against actual criminals, who have dramatically more vast sums of financing to leverage against you, using the very same system legitimate players may use. Yes, I am in fact stating that not only must you defend yourself from legitimate hard work of other players, but you are in direct competition against Chinese criminals, who have no desire to play the game, but to directly devalue gold via silver, and sell said gold for actual money. Even as I write these words, we all awoke this afternoon of Friday the 4th of August, 2017 to the Patch Notes of Launch #2, followed by the DDoS attacks, all of this I would like to warn you that none of these events are independent of one another, but are all elements of a truly greater story that has not been told.
      We set out to give the development team five days to fully respond and decide on what to do, and to get back to us, ending Friday the 4th of August, 2017. During this period, our ticket was only updated with a copy paste response, and is still outstanding as open. However Bercilak did follow up with us personally in Discord. And his answers were at best found wanting. He even went so low as to offer us an ultimatum, either accept half of our losses and call it good and done, and let this be swept under the rug; or we could allow a full thirty day investigation in the hopes that we would have a shot at fully recovering what was legitimately ours. Mind you this is very much after a long and drawn out conversation of back and fourths with him requesting coordinates, plot information, names of people involved, value estimations, et cetera. In the attached exhibit you will spot clear signs that Bercilak simply isn't even reading what we provide, and asking several of the same questions in several different ways, to no avail. The Directors of the Iron Bank, being left no fair and equitable remedy, have chosen to simply reveal the situation to the community, pay our debts, and be done with Albion Online. Please see attached: EXHIBIT F
      EXHIBIT F: [pastebin.com/9n7XykhR]
      In whatever is the aftermath to follow from here on out, I would like to advise each and every one of the founding members of the Iron Bank, that we will be entering what is known as a "Wind Up". During this period we will devote our time to liquidating everything we hold or own, and thanks to the developers making things even harder, repaying you your gold values in silver. We ask that during this period you all act accordingly, and behave yourselves. From this point forward we must stand on our principles, those of which sadly will ultimately push us over the cliff, and to depart Albion. The development team has refused to do what was fair and equitable to do, and instead has done what they have a long history of doing: Burning everything down, and reinventing the wheel, or applying Band-Aids over gaping wounds. I want you to understand that the current state of affairs are a symptom, of a tremendous problem. Not the problem itself, and no amount of ninja patches that only further burden the community, will not solve the problems of today. The current patch does not by any means address the truly scandalous nature of pay to win, nor the potential harm warranted by actual criminals in regards to land holdings, and only complicates it to outstanding levels, now that entire guilds can no longer look to gold as a common denominator, but as a mere gimmick. However circumstantial the evidence may be, the preponderance of its subject matter is damning and cannot be dismissed as merely inconclusive. On the one hand as a whole, the development team affirms this, by banning BikiniPandaCOM, yet on the other hand, in minute parts denies any duty owed to the Bank. One is left to conclude, it is to their benefit to do so, and are now in full damage control.
      As a conclusion and passing note, we reached out to several of the largest guilds in the game, requesting to sell our plots at a reduced rate in one package. None of them turned us down, but advised that they simply could not afford such a purchase outright. Let the gravity of that sink in, several of the largest guilds simply do not have the spare capital to lay down on the line, what gold farmers were willing to do in a single go. Therefor be advised, that we fully intend to depart Albion, several us who gave many years of our lives, and thousands of dollars to see it to where it is; never to return. I have no doubt that I may be potentially banned for the content of this post, and that this post may potentially be deleted. It will be therefor circulated throughout social media, and several other outlets.
      Witness my hand, this 6th day of August, 2017 - Trenial, Director of Commerce, The Iron Bank of Albion
      "The Iron Bank will have its due!"
    • Jiggyjooby wrote:

      If the developers think legit silver was used for the bids, why did they ban the player?
      only part of the money on BikiniPandaCOM was illegal. but the name ties them directly to a gold trader website that sponsors albion.

      food for thought tho. unless gold farmers collect money with a bot, it is technically legitimate. The illegitimacy is then found later when the money is tracked through illegal transactions.
    • Sharka wrote:

      Jiggyjooby wrote:

      If the developers think legit silver was used for the bids, why did they ban the player?
      only part of the money on BikiniPandaCOM was illegal. but the name ties them directly to a gold trader website that sponsors albion.
      food for thought tho. unless gold farmers collect money with a bot, it is technically legitimate. The illegitimacy is then found later when the money is tracked through illegal transactions.
      So the developers know that bikini was using illegitimate funds but failed to help the honest Albion player?

      A lot of other games will return items if the players account was hacked. This includes in game currency.

      I wonder if the smarter idea would have been for Iron Bank to let the gold seller win, report him, and then win back the bid later. Might have saved them some cost.

      Regardless, these sales need to be monitored and corrective actions taken to help legitimate players.

      Gothar wrote:

      Jiggyjooby wrote:

      If the developers think legit silver was used for the bids, why did they ban the player?
      "We only ban in cases where we are certain that the persons received the Gold from 3rd party sites."forum.albiononline.com/index.p…?postID=624528#post624528
      See above post. Lol
    • Regarding Iron Bank

      Hey I removed a thread from the Iron Bank guys, they are dissappointed
      how we handled the situation. I already argued a lot on reddit: reddit.com/r/albiononline/comm…_to_albion_with_systemic/

      I removed the thread cause it has private conversations and tickets, which is something we do not allow.

      However the TLDR version is this
      • A gold seller did bid on their plots (I think they got in an argument, not sure though)
      • They had to invest a lot of money
      • Our logs regarding the bidding sytem are not good
      • I offered them two choices
        • Reimburse them the damage I could oversee was done right away
        • Or do longer investigations and than reimburse them the full amount (probably would have taken a month due to the current situation)
      • They wanted me to handle it right away, but that was really not possible.
      • Please keep in mind that in general this can become a business model for gold sellers if we would do that in the long run.
      • Sidenote: The gold seller did only bid on their plots as far as we can see not on anyone elses.
      • Needless to say the gold seller was banned immediately.
      Kind regards,

    • I'm not exactly sure how to apply, but I'd love to join! I'm a gatherer, specifically mining and I'll eventually get into PvP / GvG. My strengths come from a background in Runescape, an old MMORPG called Heroes of the Realm where I worked as a CA and lead the number 1 guild on server two (the main server after a year), and was apart of the number two guild on server 1. I'm also Challenger in League of Legends as a jungler, so I'm a great strategist and pvper.

      FikuLoL is my in game name.
    • there has been some incidents regarding goldsellers, linking the actual thread (which has been deleted) is probably not a good idea so the guild is... on hiatus? or about to break up. some people in the guild are making a new one i believe but the most part of the leadership has quit
    • Hope you guys are still recruiting. I am very impressed by the way the Iron Bank has handled the recent happenings in regards to the Caerleon plots. I would love to join your guild. People often forget that it's not just how you behave when things are going well that shows your character. It's how you behave when things go badly.