Possible improvements

  • Possible improvements

    First of all, hi everyone. I'm Belgian and my english is a bit rusty but i'll do my best.

    I've been around for quite a long time now and i've build up a list of things that should be add in the game. These things are 90% quality of life changes, but they would be so great !
    So here we go :

    • In the guild pannel, being able to see for how long someone didn't reconnect.

    • The ally system is really interesting, but it laks of a lot of things, like a list of statistics of the entire alliance, being able to see who is connected in the alliance, being able to make give some money from a guild acount to an other, etc

    • Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE when it's difficult and hard to climb. But the respawn time of T5 and higher is far too long. When you have the luck to find one harvestable, it's always at 1/4 then you check around 5 min to find another one at 1/4. That's pretty boring, you shouldn't have to wait for a downtime to be able to find ressources at 4/4. With the growing community, I think their should be more alternatives for that.

    • The fact that we can group at only 20 is, excuse me, stupid. When you want to go for a guardian or a world boss, you can't go under 50 player at least. We already have to seperate in different vocal channel, so we should be able to group with at least 50 people.

    • The hunger system is terrible. Who on earth would have to eat 10 000 soup a day to build some planks, that's just ridiculous and ilogical.

    Well, I think that's it for the moment. Thank you for reading this and i'll probably make some updates in a near future ;)
    Btw, you do an amazing work guys, this game has a HUGE potential and as a game designer, I just want to help you reach success ! :)